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Sammarone backer rails against Democrats

No Republican has done more to attack the Democratic Party than David Betras. He has attacked life long loyal Democrats who oppose him...Chris Sammarone and his father, Dan Yemma, remember how horribly he treated Paul Gains in his race with Betras' candidate, Jay Maceyjko, a candidate that sent a racist text and cost the City of Youngstown hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle a discrimination suit. Betras' endorsed slate looks like an all-white club, no African Americans are endorsed. And remember what Betras did to the 3 African Americans on the Party's executive committee who were fed up with the endorsement process and supported and independent African American? He kicked them off the committee and publicly humiliated them. I still remember the quote from Rev Simon about Betras. He said Betras is causing a "division in the Demccratic Party" and has "offended and outraged the African American community. And if you want to talk about misogyny/women's issues...Betras worked for his former partner, Marc Dann, in this know where sexual harassment scandals were rampant and ended up forcing Dann to resign and cost tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle claims.
So Betras has scoured someone's private FB page and found a few buried cartoons and posters. Skolnick states that Betras was a "friend" with Ridder...all of cartoons and posters were shared with Betras....and he had no issue with them for he never "unfriended", he uses them in an underhanded attack on Chris Sammarone, who has never even seen them.
This community recently received some good news that Jim Tressel has applied for the presidency of YSU. Tressel is so well-liked because he is a positive, concerned, uplifing person who has always tried to unify and bring our community together. Compare Jim Tressel to David Betras. Betras is negative, polarizing, divisive, he attacks and drags people down...indeed David Betras is the "Anti Tressel".

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