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Volunteers help keep Hubbard library going

Thanks and much appreciation to the volunteers at the Hubbard Library. You all are a gift to the Hubbard community.

Tony Budak, President
TimeBank Mahoning Watershed
A Service Exhange Network

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Better off without unions?

Should anyone wish a crash course on U.S. labor unions and labor law, see, Labor Law for the Rank and Filer by Staughton Lynd and Daniel Gross, at

Best Wishes,

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New court banks on community’s concern to help young offenders

Judge Theresa Dellick, Mahoning County Juvenile Justice Center, recently spoke to Judge David E. Stucki, the Senior Judge of the Stark County Family Court in Canton, Ohio. Judge Stucki has agreed to allow our group to observe the Stark County Teen Court program in operation.

So please mark your calendars, Thursday, April 30, 2009.

We anticipate a car pool leaving from the McDonald's/Speedway parking lot located at the intersection of Interstate 80 and Route 46 at 2:00 PM. We will arrive at the Stark County Family Court building around 3:00 PM

If you wish to go, Please RSVP

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Please check the events, for updates on get together socials and meeting, see the top left link at


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Youngstown's Day of Service

Hi Tyler,

Thank you, and thanks go to Brian, Susie, and Phil for the organizing of this event.

It was unusual because the very idea of a meeting of communities is in of itself rather novel. Here's why!

The participants were not the usual suspects. Representatives from those large structures such as corporations, universities, and government mental health systems were not in attendance. Those organization are all driven and controlled from the top and in very rigid practices. Their systems operate much as specialized programs on your computer, like a typing, email, or photo viewer program. Notice these programs only run well if the operating system is working well.

However the audience at the First Presbyterian were the from the operating systems of society. “A major social domain—the community. By community, we mean the social place used by family, friends, neighbors, neighborhood associations, clubs, civic groups, local enterprises, churches, ethnic associations, temples, local unions, local government, and local media.”

In the world of TimeBanking these entities are the core economy and the operating systems of society. They make it possible for organizations in the monetary economy to operate. So thanks again for bringing this audience composed of the core operating systems of society together to exchange ideas. WOW! Isn't that an usual meeting? It's a shame that we have to have a major national event to get community people together.

The second point I hope to mention regards the idea that ”We need a place that catalogs the available service opportunities by category and allows volunteers to match their interests to action.” Yes, VSA, now Hands On Volunteer Network of the Valley does have a data base of that kind of information. Yet, it’s not well known to the community that the TimeBank Mahoning Watershed (TBMW) also has a data base.

We called it the Market Place. It is open to all members of the community or core economy. TBMW is a member-run service that builds community and true security. It is a free online database program which manages both the directory of services & requests and an accounting system for keeping track of transactions. TimeBanking rewards folks doing what they love to do.

BTW the TimeBank meets twice a month, the public is invited. Check us out on the web at

Tony Budak

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