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TonyB (anonymous) says...

Hey All TimeBank Members,

Make Saturday a TimeBank Day, attend this event for your community, and your community will do something for you. Really?

Yes, members that build community through civic efforts are rewarded with spendable TimeCredits. Read the details below of Saturday's fun event opportunity to earn community service "TimeCredits".

Send me, a short email describing your participation. Please include the preparation and drive time. As TimeBank Event Coordinator I'll enter your time into your TimeBank Credit account. How cool is that!

This is time banking, a new form of mutualism in which people who live in communities hear a new message which goes, “If you do something for your community, your community will do something for you.”

In reciprocity,
Tony Budak

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TonyB (anonymous) says...

If you think that young people are the solution and not the problem, then join our effort?

Help create Community Justice with Time Bank Youth Courts in the Mahoning Valley.

The reason why people (kids and adults) aren't constructively involved in their communities' justice issues is that there are not enough opportunities to practice civic engagement.

You reader are the leaders. Help yourself and create Community Justice Time Bank Youth Courts in the Mahoning Valley.


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June 26, 1942


Hubbard, Ohio


Community Labor Facilitator


Tony Budak hails from Youngstown, Ohio. In 2004, after 40 years and 6 months of service, he retired from Delphi Packard Automotive in Warren, Ohio. In 1966 Budak was drafted in to the Army where he served the majority of his time in Korat, Thailand. He worked as a Military Police Investigator and was honorably discharged in 1968. After returning from active duty, Budak became a department supervisor. In 1973 he decided to leave management and he returned to the shop floor. Budak became active in the Union, and was eventually elected to IUE 717's Executive Board, holding that office 13 years. Following his years on the Executive Committee Budak was elected as Sub-Chairman of IUE-CWA Local 717. At the time of his service, Local 717 was the largest IUE-CWA Local in the world. As Sub-Chair, Budak was an active and outspoken member of the Bargaining Committee and was responsible for enforcing the contract between 717 and Delphi Packard Electric- GM. In the course of his time at Packard, Budak received his M.S. in Community Economic Development, from New Hampshire College in 1991.Shortly after retirement, Budak founded Time Bank Mahoning Watershed, and in 2009 TBMW received tax exempt status from the IRS. Mr. Budak is TBMW’s CEO and chief evangelist. Tony resides in Hubbard, Ohio in a renovated barn with his wife, Jennie, and is the father of two children, Anthony and Cordelia.