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Teamsters drop grievance against inmates doing pothole patching

A union once again shows why unions are worthless!
How can you grieve fixing some of the worst potholes ever seen in this county using every means available. The Sheriff & County Engineer should be applauded for doing the right thing for the taxpayers of Mahoning County - getting potholes fixed.

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Youngstown fracking ban on ballot for 3rd time

Earthquakes Earthquakes Earthquakes - let's continue to destroy our underground environment and ruin this earth for our future generations! Vote to ban Fracking in Youngstown.

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Portman objects to federal ruling on same-sex marriage

Rob Portman is a BIGOT! He's playing to his racist and bigoted white conservative Republican base who HATE blacks and gays. All he cares about is more tax cuts for the rich. Ohio could do much better then this man for our senator.

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Obama, GOP compete for women’s support

Republicans have NO respect for women. All they care about is more tax cuts for the Rich who are older 98% white males.

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GOP attacks Obamacare at summit

The ACA is a wonderful program for most Americans. The Republicans have NO alternative to offer that would serve us better. It's no wonder they won't be taking back the White House anytime soon. All they care about is MORE tax cuts for the RICHEST Americans.

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