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Hagan accused of racial slam on Facebook

And I wish cotton was a monkey! Let's see if you be axk me, we habe white history month, the white panthers, miss white america contest, white entertainment network, white knights polch forcs. Sew eye gess theemm whit folk are all raciest. Hurray for Hagan!

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UPDATED: Two arrested after early-morning shooting near YSU

I think it is time to take back the raises in the Gaine's Mahoning County Courthouse and open and fill the jails with #$#* scum that continues to play gangtsa. This is not a YSU problem, but a Ytown problem. And when we are shown what #$#* scum did this, this will not be a YSU student. I am a very proud to be a YSU graduate that encourges the hiring of YSU students. Go Pens. Die Scum

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Now, for the rest of the Traficant radio story

By the way Bert, you should be only have space to write when there are no obituaries. Go Cavs

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Now, for the rest of the Traficant radio story

Boy, that was so original Bert. Just sit back and listen to someone who is still willing to speak his mind and not worried about getting re-elected like the little baby Ryan. Then you all will understand where this third world country is going to, and hope, better yet pray, that he can help us get out of this mess. So Bert and Ernie can still dribble in the free U.S.A.

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Local steel pipe producers looking for more penalties against Chinese

Do some people forget where they live.... so ruck go to the nearest chink place for dinner

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Hubbard Township gets a clean audit

Oops make that 370 days, then why so long?

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Hubbard Township gets a clean audit

An audit in 5 days, must have only done a bank reconciliation.

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Youngstown’s ’09 crime stats cause for optimism this year

The mayor says rapes are down, then Vindy says they are up.
I would rather see drug dealers dead then woman raped. I would rather see drug dealers dead then individuals being burglarized. What is the difference between theft and robbery? One is down and one is up. Keep drug dealers in jail. Or better yet put them and the killers of drug dealers to death, not the five-ten year sentencing. That solves two problems. Also what about the roving gangs of scum that are blocking our city streets. Where is that statistics? Williams is helping; keep up the good job.

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Traficant lands a part-time job on radio

God Bless Jim and the U.S.A. Our country not the America!

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Ursuline’s Jones commits to YSU

Thanks for staying in town Mr. Jones

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