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Show us the money

haha, funny, republicanRick, since DeSouza is a well known conservative.

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UPDATE | Hearing continues on Youngstown Plan

What makes any fool think a charter school can do better than a public school? Political beliefs. Not anything to do with facts.

Facts say that Charter schools in Ohio are failing at an even worse rate than public schools.

Those include the charter schools in Youngstown.

Abolishing local control to some appointed entity won't change the success rate of Youngstown City Schools.

The problem with Youngstown city schools has nothing to do with who is in charge of those schools.

It has everything to do with the conditions of poverty in which the children in those schools grow up.

And it has everything to do with the defunding of public education by the Republican controlled state government.

This change will only put more money out of our taxes into the hands of some individual, and the schools will not change for the better, though they may change for the worse.

Also, if you think Ohio is failing, blame the Republican lead government, which has been in control for several decades, minus four years w/ Strickland in power.

If you can't see that those who have controlled this state for decades (Republicans) are the problem, and want to blame Democrats, who haven't had real power here in several generations, then you're a fool.

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So sad that some troll has to come into a forum like this, where family members are trying to use their son as an example for others to beware of the dangers of drugs, and wag their finger.

Shame on you, AtownAugie, shame on you for being a piece of crap person.

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Salaries of most YSU faculty rank below US average

Along with those stats, there are plenty of other studies that have evaluated Youngstown, Ohio to be not just an economically devastated community, but an environment within which the population faces a greater struggle with quality of life issues, depression (medical sort, not just economic) and whatnot. In many ways, the economic depression gives way to a lot of psychological and biologic and environmental problems. Sometimes a job is just a job, and you make decisions to find a job elsewhere.

If you want to bring the best and brightest here, you'd have to offer them more.

If you want to run an average or below average university, then they can keep on running things as they are at YSU. No skin off my back, really.

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How YSU salaries compare

Also, where was this story when contracts for the faculty were actually being negotiated?

Such ODD timing, Vindy.

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How YSU salaries compare

YSU professors across the board don't make 85,000 dollars, idiots who don't know how to understand what salary averages mean.

Most YSU assistant professors make 50,000 dollars a year.

Most associate professors make 63,000 dollars a year.

Most full professors make 72,000 dollars a year.

I suggest that people should refrain from posting their "expert" opinions when they in fact don't know what they're talking about.

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Salaries of most YSU faculty rank below US average

A mindset where "the cost of living here means you make less" is especially ignorant when you consider that the people you're trying to draw here to work are used to. They have to come to Youngstown and while the cost of living is low, the place absolutely sucks compared to what they're used to. They don't CARE about the cost of living here. They LEAVE because that just doesn't make up for the suckitude of the place. YSU should actually be paying a higher salary to faculty they want to keep here, because those faculty, I guarantee it, are looking to leave.

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UPDATE | Vallourec Star cutting 60 to 80 jobs

Looks like fracking didn't save the day, did it, Vindy!?!?

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Employees at YSU are pampered

Wow, someone knows how to do research better than Vindy opinionators. I'm SHOCKED! SHOCKED!

Congresswatcher has it right. The majority of people in this valley think football is going to bring the region success. Forget about educating the populace for better jobs or to give birth to the next entrepreneur with an incredibly idea. That's so dumb. Let's tailgate!!!

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