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Whip the dregs in public


Here is an article from Brooklyn about the Knockout game. As far as I can see, it is the liberal community activists, mostly African American, calling for an end to the sickening activity. Perhaps Fox News put the community activists up to it?

I also like your little swastika for Fox news. Please indulge me. Weren't the Nazis socialists? Sounds like the Nazis would have more in common with Obama than Fox News.

Don't let a little truth get in your way of your hate filled vitriol.

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From partier to addict, and back again

I have zero sympathy for the young lady who resorted to drugs after getting laid off from her job. So - let's get this straight. You lose your job, you realize your income is now gone except for unemployment. Instead of trying to save every single penny you can find until you can find another job, you blow it on drugs. And she's a mother?

If she was so worried about how her kids would eat, she wouldn't have turned to drugs in the first place. Great example to pass down to your kids.

@LtMacGowan - Thank you for your service to our county. You are nothing like them or her. You have chronic pain AND A MEDICAL JUSTIFICATION FOR THE MEDICATIONS. This lady turned to pain meds to escape from reality.

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Economy seeps into final face off


So Romney's "to" dumb for you?

Comedy gold - comedy gold.

Keep voting democrat! Look at how much the democrats in office have done for the Valley.

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Poland man who introduced Obama violated ‘trade secrets,’ owes company

There are some liars out there.

"If we pass the stimulus, unemployment will not exceed 8%."
"The Affordable Care Act is not a tax"
"The Affordable Care Act will not provide coverage for illegals."
"The private sector is doing just fine."

Ya do know the Hilary Clinton campaign started the birther movement, right? I guess just another set of liars.

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Poland man who introduced Obama violated ‘trade secrets,’ owes company


So because Obama is the president, he deserves our respect when he visits the Valley. Bush visited the Valley in 2004 and many protested his visit. I'm sure you were at the counter protest saying we should respect him because he is our president, right?

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Parking wars loom at YSU

So let me get this straight. Even if a student does not park on campus, she/she has to pay for the parking fee??

What's the big deal? Isn't this just another example of a "shared sacrifice" the liberals have been advocating?? I don't use WIC, welfare, food stamps, secion 8 housing, etc.. but yet, MY money goes to fund them.

It is amazing when liberals want to spend our money, it is "fair" and "shared" but when someone wants to spend their money, the tune quickly changes.

Bertram just showed us another example of how he is nothing but a hypocrite.

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Hoodies with a Purpose

Go online and search for the video "innocent white guy rolled in the hood." It is of a white kid wearing a Mountain Dew shirt who gets sucker punched and then robbed and literally stripped by a group of blacks. Is this a hate crime? It is interesting the only person who is assaulted, robbed and stripped also happens to be the only white person there.

Will Rev. A Sharptonl and Jesse Jackson hold marches to call for no justince/no peace? Will there be marches in all of the cities with people wearing Mountain Dew shirts? Will a congressman go on the floor of the House of Representatives and strip down to his Mountain Dew t-shirt to protest what happened??

I won't hold my breath.

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LOUIE TODAY: Prosecutor's office firing, Buzz Pishkur, Dave Betras, Vindy Editor Todd


Gains keeps alleging Macejko is a racist and now the shoe is on the other foot? Maybe Gains didn't discriminate against her because he was spending so much time working on those really important civil cases.

Glass houses.....

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Electricity theft triggers homicide on Youngstown's North Side


What do you think could have been done to have prevented this? Yeah - society is responsible for this person's actions. I presume more of these killings will take place in the future - not because society wronged poor Jasmine - but because criminals have no respect for property or human life.

She needs electricity. Time for for the state to fire up old sparky and give her a nice jolt of electricity for free.

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Occupy Youngstown to target Wall Street and state Issue 2

There are 5 people who are "occupying" Federal Plaza right now and should occupy a shower instead. By the looks of them, none of them have a job and I'm quite sure, the 56% of us who pay taxes are supporting them in one form or another.

God Bless the USA.

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