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@fattynskinny, We do, its the other 11 months. Our country has been teaching White-American history to the children of the America in every school since the school system was established. Don't be upset. it is the shortest month of the year. I suppose that's still to long for you. Embrace it! You may learn something, or it may help you let go of your true feelings........ We deserve to celebrate our culture heritage just like everyone else. Say it Loud!

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15-year worker pleads guilty to stealing some $80K from Nicolinni’s

terryz34,You make Palbubba look like leader of the NAACP. What are you talking about American African. What other race do you know put American in front of there name? Why should African Americans? Hell we just got a good majority of you to stop using the term "N___r"....... And you may not want to be affiliated with Black Folks, but your ancestors sure did. Or else we would be in our native country. Blame them! The fact is that Justice should be blind, but when it comes to shades of colors, suddenly Lady Justice eyes begin to open. The law should be the same for everyone. But in the eyes of the most racist such as your self, our skin is our sin.... Go figure. Im sure you got one in your family though. No? Just wait! I'm sure your mixed relatives pants will be just as high as yours.

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2nd racial-bias suit filed against Covelli Enterprises

Intel, Or could it be that this company is actually racist? I'm sure if you had a reason to file a law suite you would do it as well. People are so quick to judge..... And all you know is what vindy told you. At least they got a lawyer and are using the judicial system. What about all whit collar crimes in the news today? Done by none other than white America.

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Agenda for ACTION

Freeatlast, I agree, and Thanks!

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Agenda for ACTION

You guys come up with anything. ACTION became an organization years before Obama was in office. This organization is over 10 years old. Get your facts straight, then try to sway us.... ACTION has done a hell of a lot more for our communities than any of you with your misleading comments. This orginazation is not all black preachers, its also has Cathlic Priests from the area as well........ No coments on them right?????

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State funds to aid cleanup in Youngstown

dodge2002, how the hell would you know who is taking care of what in Youngstown? Stay in Suburbia! Its not that they dont care, Most people cant afford to maintain their home. Even where you live......

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Woman accused of running a brothel

Half of you solicit prostitution, its evident in your want for the police to look over this. Your not the first guy she has given STDs to, and you wont be the last with that attitude. And where there is hookers there is more crime. Money Sex & Drugs!!

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Robberies, shootings, juvenile crime plague city

Its bigger than welfare and rap music. That's the first thing everyone wants to holler. Who implemented Welfare in the first place? Who has the money and the power to distribute rap cd's across the world. Who buys and imports the drugs that are distributed in the inner city? Who owns business where guns are purchased with little or no back ground checks? Certainly not the black man...... It is up to the black community to fix the problems in said community. Because, we are the only ones who can reach our youth. All that the other races have to offer is racist opinions of a topic they could never understand. Let us deal with our own. You never see any comments on vindy when a Caucasian rapes and pillages, as they have been doing since Columbus said the ocean blue. But when the article is about the inner city, the most racist people jump on here and stereotype every black person. When its a known fact that White people receive welfare more than any other race. White Teens buy more rap music than any other race. And when you open the hard times paper, look at which race is doing the most dirt. All races contribute to the crime in America, from heroin sales to white collar crime......

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Law would address kennel abuse

But when its hunting season you can shoot an Elk right between the eyes.....

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Police lack leads in city’s latest two killings

more to come right next door to the both of you pigs

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