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Council needs more info on Covelli vendor switch

Let's see if the city received 275,000 from 2009 or 27.5% of the profits the food vendor profit was 725,000. Mr Ryan would of course like his management company to take this over since that 725,000 in profits would be his........ Seems to me we the people should know who the owners of this JAC management company are. I have a feeling Mr. Ryan is the face of the corporation but not possibly not the majority owner. Should the city ask for an even higher percentage of the profits to help pay off the loans?

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The Greatest Golfers are Porter, LaPolla, Onesti, Ash, Leonard and Antonelli

There are Kempe's that live around here. His uncle Bob and dad Tim still play golf in this area. I would take Marlowe or Zarlenga against Matt Kempe over 54 holes any day of the week. Those two have the mental capacity to shoot low scores and consistently play well which they have both shown over the years and also in this tournament..

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The Greatest Golfers are Porter, LaPolla, Onesti, Ash, Leonard and Antonelli

One of the best things about the event is giving public course golfers the chance to play at the private clubs. I commend Trumbull and The Lake Club for opening up their courses for this event and remember they are taking away from time for their members to play the course on the weekend. As far as home course advantage goes I see one guy in the scratch division shot a 91 at his home course on Saturday and then followed it up with a 76 at Trumbull on Sunday. The course is the same for everyone may the best player come out on top.

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The Greatest Golfers are Porter, LaPolla, Onesti, Ash, Leonard and Antonelli

This seems like a nice event and generated a lot of buzz in the golfing community around town. I hope this becomes a traditional event and has even better participation in the future. Thanks to Mr. Franko for coming up with this idea.

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The Greatest are Porter, LaPolla, Onesti, Ash, Leonard and Antonelli

The scratch division has a lot of good golfers. The favorites would probably be Caudill, Allen, Horne, Pico, Zarlenga, Economus and Uncle Milty. To make the cut does half the field from each division move on?

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GREATEST GOLFER | Deadline is Wednesday; now 11 spots left

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GREATEST GOLFER | Deadline is Wednesday; now 11 spots left

You might as well close the entries now because nobody will be able to beat Chris Econumus. He is one of the finest players in the area and spends a lot more time golfing than he does working in his doctor's office.......

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After two years, downtown scaffolding remains

You mean the scaffolding did not collapse when the earthquake struck a few weeks back, Maybe PNC workers need to go home until the scaffolding is removed. Thank god the county does not have workers in this building.

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Week 7: Salem Hills # 4

This hole is a difficult par five but for me I like par fives that are more risk reward. I like a par five that you can reach in two with two superb shots but if you miss you get penalized. That Chad guy in the video has a nice swing and looks like he may be quite a player. Is he any good?

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Week 6: Pine Lakes # 18

I was actually rooting for Els. He started off well on Sunday and just fell off the pace. I had a problem with the way the 17th hole played at Pebble. These guys could not even hit the green on the par three with less than 20% hitting it for the week. I would guess of those 20% a majority hit the green if they landed the ball in the rough and it trickled onto the green. I was actually kind of bored watching the final round since there was little excitement and not really an opportunity for the players to make a charge at the lead. The 14th green is another story..........

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