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Disciplinary hearing imminent for sergeant who stopped auditor

Simply amazing how the vindicator can make twenty headlines out of a single story. They get on an issue and just keep ripping at it day after day.

They have been against labor and then public employees for years. Column after column.

Then they got a hold of the men who disagreed with the Oakhill purchase and made them into criminals. Now they tell you all that the reason the trial was dismissed was because the 'evidence' that the FBI had could not be used! What a crock, they didn't even know that alleged evidence existed before the charges were filed, so why was it necessary to have it to proceed?

Answer, it wasn't. What was really going to happen on the morning of the case's dismissal was that the defense was going to charge the prosecution with misconduct! And they had the evidence for that! So the prosecution asked for the case to be dismissed and lied about the reason why. And you all bought their reasons hook, line and sinker. Now they continue their persecution of those men one-by-one and you all help them along. What sheeple!

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US inches toward Civil War II

Most of the scandals mentioned were fabricated by Teapublicans intent on harming President Obama and our country. We know how to solve this problem, get rid of the Republican Tea Party members in 2014. Never vote Republican until they are gone for the good of the country.

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Why worry about US debt?

Where are the jobs? This is a smokescreen put out by the Teabaggers. They'd rather obstruct President Obama and spend money voting uselessly to repeal Obamacare! They spend all kinds of time probing women's vaginas and no time on Jobs bills.

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Scientists forecast larger Lake Erie algae bloom

This can be stopped, there are ways to farm without runoff.

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Public pensions a travesty

Outrage is understandable. But it is appallingly misdirected. Here in the Mahoning Valley where we know the value of being in a union, the outrage should not be that our public employees have a job with a pension and good benefits. Our outrage should be at the private companies that have cut their employee's pension and benefits in a race to the bottom. I have been in business for over 40 years, I have never 'bought' the idea that companies could not afford to pay good wages and benefits. My business has always done so and never missed making a profit.

Certainly in a day and age when corporate profits are at an all time high, you have to wonder why they aren't paying good wages and benefits. In Germany, the companies favor their employee unions, have union Board members and pay some of the best wages and benefits in the world.

Outrage? Where is the outrage when Walmart actually advises their new employees on how to get food stamps and other tax-payer provided benefits instead of paying them a living wage and benefits? It has been calculated that doing so would change their bottom line by 1%. Yet they continue to have each of us pay to subsidize their profits. This from one of the most profitable PRIVATE companies in the world, owned by a small number of family members who 'can't afford' to profit 1% less!

Bertram is just a tool of the corporate culture that tries to divide workers, public and private, so we don't look at how they are screwing all of us.

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Republican hypocrisy exposed

What hypocrites Teapublicans are!

They absolutely refuse to 'compromise on principle' to HELP out the country.

They routinely blast the stimulus as having not worked.

They have said repeatedly in their advertisements that the stimulus money was wasted.

They continually say that the stimulus didn't create any jobs.

And of course there is Romney shrilly screaming that "Government doesn't create jobs"!

Yet, they ALL applied for money from the stimulus, even though on 'principle' they were against it.

Even though there have been numerous non-partisan studies and reports that the stimulus did work (According to The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Financial Times and Forbes), they continue to tell the lie that it didn't even as projects in their districts succeed from stimulus money.

And they wrote in their letters of support that their reasons for asking was that they needed the jobs in their districts, jobs they deny were created as people were put to work!
The nonsense that they are able to be both against it while fighting for its fruits for their own district shows that principles for the Teapublican Party is another word for saying "what gets us elected".

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Dear Ms. Rimedio Righetti: We have economic development

You people have got to be kidding me! Over the past two years, during this country's worst depression since the 1930's our valley's leaders, both business and political have done a great job! Our Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan, Tom Humphries of the Chamber, all three Democratic Mayors in Girard, Youngstown and Warren are responsible for well over $3 BILLION dollars in construction projects alone! We had the COUNTRY'S largest manufacturing construction project in 2011. You complain no matter what is done and never give anyone credit. Todd Franko is way off base, and the rest of you are nuts!

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Attorney asks state to take over CSB agency

So Trumbull CSB is found to have gone all the way back to October of 2010 and filled out forms that should have been done each and every time of visitation? Isn't that essentially tampering with the evidence in this case? How long will they be able to get away with continuing the victimization of children? There needs to be criminal investigations of the staff at CSB, not just the parents who raped their own child in CSB's offices unsupervised!

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‘An important part of the context for our negotiations’

What a crock it is to say "The private sector doesn't have it so neither should the public sector"!
We have allowed the oligarchs to divide us for years, using race, economics and greed.
Instead of us working against each other to take away a good standard of living for one group or another, we should be working together to get these benefits back into the private sector. No one wins when you are racing to the bottom!

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Religious views do matter

Our constitution actually prohibits any religious test for public office. Isn't it interesting that those conservatives who speak the loudest about following the constitution are the very first to question candidates on their religious beliefs? Apparently the ideas and words of our founding fathers are not to be followed unless they help you attack liberals.

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