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OAKHILL CASE | No prison time for Yavorcik; five years probation

Do you really think a good judge is going to let a newspaper that browbeat an attorney general into prosecuting political crimes, force them to do the wrong thing and actually put people in jail? Now that would be a real crime..

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What can we really afford?

I know! Let's run government like a business! Worked in Flint, Michigan!

Mr. Franko, it's not the 'amount' that matters, rather the value perceived versus what it will cost the person, that matters.

If the people understand that many things are done better centrally and would rather not have their money wasted otherwise, if they want to run the country for quality of life, rather than cost (remember Flint!), what's your problem? That you and your owners might actually have to go back to paying your fair share, like you did in those good old days of which you reminisce?

I hope that my community continues to grow, both in income and expenses, that's how it works!

You go on counting and being penny wise and pound foolish. You thought OakHill was a great deal and actually encouraged prosecution of those who fought to not do that deal. Your own reporters have told us the truth on the front page while you connived on the Editorial pages, Oak Hill is a disaster, financially, environmentally, and as a safe clean workspace.
How about you start advocating for growth. Have some faith in Youngstown and the region, we will always pay for what we want, we are not Republicans - starting wars, borrowing to pay, while giving out revenue reductions to make their friends rich and our country poor!
We are people who vote for levies because we care, we buy some luxuries, because we can and we enjoy them.
Quit lunching with the financial bean counters and get out in the real world where you pay the price for safe water, roads, schools, no matter what it costs or how high taxes go because it is simply stupid and disastrous to do it otherwise.

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Ryan calls on U.S. to step up efforts to stop terrorism

If you want to know who truly supports our troops it certainly isn't the party of starting wars! That party loves to send in the troops, but then look what they do when it comes time to pay for the war let alone the poor wounded soldier with injuries, they vote against such increases. That party values lower taxes for the rich before taking care of our troops. The proof is in their votes. Each time in the past 8 years we have tried to take care of our troops, Republicans have refused. Instead they want to increase defense spending, not by paying for it with new taxes for these new expenses for which we are responsible, no, they want to cut programs for other Americans while lowering what their wealthy donors will pay in taxes. They are charlatans who have no respect for America or her troops.
That party is no longer an American party, they have become an un-American treasonous bunch, more willing to strangle our great government and way of life in a bucket like their leaders say.
They have tried to stop people from easy voting for no good reason.
They have written treasonous letters to foreign governments attempting to usurp the Executive Branch, if Democrats did such to Reagan or Bush these same hypocrites would have howled for those traitors to be shot!
That party made up daily lies and advocated for policies destructive to our nation, they acted like spoiled brats because they didn't win and so they tried to deny America its choice for running the government the way he campaigned to run it.
Well guess what? They are now seeing the consequences of such actions and behavior, the logical conclusion to their insane social policies and failed economic policies - A man who if he were to win would ce rtainly be The Last President of the United States of America.

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Reporters trump Sen. Portman on the issue of Donald Trump

Yes Republican Rick, the difference is that apparently Skolnick doesn't already have his mind made up 100% for the Republican Party.

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Overall, most Americans dislike Congress; Obama's rating is up

Jojuggie, I'm sorry to bother you for this, but I went to Investor's site and there are 395 articles they have written on Obamacare. Could you please post a link or a publication date for the story you are referencing?

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Overall, most Americans dislike Congress; Obama's rating is up

Oviets it may be that the whole law was unwanted, by insurance companies, or people worried that if someone else gets care, they get less, but un-needed?
What is sad is that when government tried to address the problems people faced in Health insurance, the Republicans decided they would do everything possible to destroy the effort.
You say everyone that needed care got it, yes under conditions that were bankrupting us even faster, that HAS been slowed, but I also agree Obamacare could be improved - make it a single-payer plan, in fact just extend Medicare to all Americans. It's ridiculous in a country this rich we should waste so much in this arena and yet have poor coverage as a nation.

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For those who keep asking what we have ever gotten for voting solidly democratic.....
Because of this valley's support for congressman Timothy Ryan and President Barack Obama we received the first center in this nation's effort to develop 3D printing technologies. Almost 100 million dollars of effort, right here in downtown Youngstown, Ohio! This is the technology that is key to this community remaining a manufacturing community in this new century. I for one understand how significant this center is for all of our futures, and am grateful and appreciative that the people I gave my vote to, remembered.
For the naysayers, you can't say it had nothing to do with Mr. Ryan and Mr. Obama - they were the ones making the decisions and announcements. Nor can you say we would have gotten it without them, don't be absurd, politics is always involved, this time we were the chosen community. We've been on the other side often.
And if you try and say it's no big deal, then you obviously don't read much or understand how big a deal a $100 million effort involving 60 different major companies and government organizations is in a community like Youngstown. By the way, about half the money put up, was put up by Fortune 500 companies like Boeing. The government agencies like The U.S. Navy, Department of Defense and The Air Force are putting up the rest because of the importance of these technologies to our future security.
So, when they say voting democratic gets us nothing, or they say we will never be chosen because the Democratic Party knows we are already in thir pocket, you tell them that The United States of America has begun its full national effort to become the WORLD LEADER in 3D printing technologies also known as additive manufacturing, right here in Youngstown, a democratic community.

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Parents need to be more proactive in school district

Mr. Brown, I believe your selective indictment of non-performing parents is on target.

It is a 3 legged stool: Parents, Teacher, Student. While the Board has not done its job well at all, it really is up to an individual and their parents to be the ones demanding an education and then taking the opportunity as a responsibility, complete with 'things that are your responsibility to do!'
Like doing homework and studying (the student responsibility) and checking to see that homework is done and respect is shown by the student for the education (the parents responsibility).

Teachers really live to teach. Give them a chance by being open to learning and they will prove it every time. They do so now, when students are more interested in the latest music, social scandal, or worse, when the students are hungry, sleepy, ill or traumatized by other factors such as crime or abuse.

Talk is cheap, everyone has an opinion, but the facts are that when attendance is taken, it's not the Teaching staff absent, it's the non-performing parent, and when they are not involved it is rare that the student is engaged in their own side of the equation.

The one thing a parent can do to give their child a good life no matter what kind they currently have, is making sure they get the publicly provided education. You are not a good parent if you fail in this responsibility for lack of trying.

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UPDATE | Dem chair Betras wants Mayor McNally to resign

Gee, the case against them must have been really rock solid! They must have been SO guilty! But the prosecutors must have decided to settle for ANY guilty plea instead of using their rock solid case because?
Because they really never had a case, just enough smoke and mirrors and vindy support to make it worth McNally and Sciortino to settle instead of getting their day in court.

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Top 1 percent in US took biggest share since 1928

RIght Atown Augie, like they worked harder! Lol. The AP used the right word.

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