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We’re helping the enemy

If the word's "under God" were not added, I think this topic would be far less distasteful to the opposition. If the word's "liberty and justice for all" were not used, there would be even less argument against the pledge. I enjoy reading the opinions of both Christians and ordinary people due to the fact that this is an argument of what one believes in. The pledge of allegiance is a movement to show the pride that Americans have. The movement is not meant to be religious or allude to gay and lesbian rights. It is simply a sign of respect. Standing up and putting your hand over your heart does not constitute anything. You can still have faith and respect while sitting down, however, our cultural looks down upon that method since "this is how we've always done it!"

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Man arrested in thefts at school

I can attest to the fact that he wasn't nearly as bad as he is now. He has robbed a Canfield home (not publicized), smokes marijuana frequently and this really seals the deal. He will NEVER learn and repeatedly breaks the law without getting caught.

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Man arrested in thefts at school

I'm not surprised at all. "Mr." Diana is a criminal and thief! This is one of the few times he was actually caught. When he gets in trouble, he blames others for his own illegal actions.

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Struthers police bust teen drinking party

What a very nice highlight of your parenting strangelove. Nobody cares if your daughter if your daughter is some kind of prodigy due to your parenting. There was no keg at the party, in fact, I have never saw a keg at any underage drinking party in the valley. And what does drinking with CHS students have to do with this story. Cass is correct, you are missing the point and simply boasting your own parenting over the poor parenting of others.

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Struthers police bust teen drinking party

Since these arguments aren't getting any better due to various perspectives, let's just say that teenage partying is a problem and something needs to be done. I don't think 6 months in jail makes any sense as mentioned earlier, but the law really doesn't stop underage drinking. Big fines and rehabilitation don't seem to work out either..... maybe this home could be watched closer in the future in order to stop the problem instead of letting it progress?

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Struthers police bust teen drinking party


You can legally drive with less than a .08 BAC as an adult over the age of 21 as dictated from Ohio law. What about vehicular deaths in general? They account for approximately 2/3 of vehicle crashes (NHTSA 2007). A much higher percentage than alcohol deaths. Find a driver from this party that decided to drive and get into a wreck after drinking. I don't see one mentioned or have heard of one. Bring your arguments to a story where driving was involved! They clearly are out of line for a house party or of most alcohol drinking teenagers in the valley. Kids can distinguish what is safe and typically would rather sleep over or have a designated driver. I'm not narcissistic either, I'm taking a position in this argument and you are looking for any loophole to prove your point.

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Struthers police bust teen drinking party

I agree with ElPollo. Find me some legitimate statistics with a high confidence interval and prove to me your right. You are speaking of the most broad topics and not backing up anything you say. A drunk driver is an easy target because you could easily ask around bars to see where the driver was that night. And even if that is too challenging, it is still easier than asking a group of teenagers where alcohol came from. You need a class in statistics and also need to go to college (again, if you already went). Your third point really makes sense Borylie; anybody could prove that as a fact! Everything else is subjective until you prove me wrong with research.

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Struthers police bust teen drinking party

A drunk driver is the easiest possible target to find where the alcohol came from. You're trying to play Eliot Ness and find where beer was purchased at a house party. Two different cases and this one is a bit more of a challenge. And I chose to have a party to get a group of friends together and have a good time. Nothing happened and everyone was responsible.

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Struthers police bust teen drinking party

My post reflect not only a counterpoint toward you, but also to other posts. And you think you can solve the puzzle of "who bought the alcohol?" I doubt that the law cares where the alcohol came from due to the fact that it is quite likely they will run into a lie from the juveniles that they question. Also, a similar situation with a party happened to myself and the officer didn't even ask where the alcohol came from when a plethora of beer was sitting in my home. It might take a serious accident for any change to happen, but finding the source of a problem is harder than you think.

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Clean it up or tear it down, Canfield homeowner told


In a previous discussion, a person commented how he or she knew Brian personally and how drugs or alcohol are very likely players in this situation. I doubt any psychological problems were the reason for this, it just seems that drugs are the most likely player in the problems for this family. Living for the moment and not caring about anything else, just getting "messed" up.

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