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God pardoned you; I'm punishing you, judge tells defendant

The ruling is on-point; the rhetoric, however, is absurd.

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3 judges pave way for layoffs, release of prisoners

Most people in jail are there for non-violent crimes or for violations of probation. Therefore to go out and arm yourselves is a distorted assessment of the situation.

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Justices rule out life sentences for juveniles who haven’t killed

Finally, we have a Supreme Court that shows compassion. Throwing a kid in prision for the rest of his life without chance of parole is inhumane.

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Supreme Court rules out some life sentences for juveniles

Thank God for a humane Supreme Court. How preposterous that we should lock kids up and throw away the key. This is something I would expect in a third world nation not the United States of America.

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Lawyers want case heard in juvenile court

Under no circumstances should children be tried as adults. This practice calls into question our humanity and logic. Why should a child be thrown away in a prison for the rest of her/his life--90 years?

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Jail guard suspended, seen hitting inmate in video

Bravo! We need to institute better psychological screening mechanisms for those who want to be guards or cops.

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Prostitute tries to solicit Ohio police chief

A perfect example of irony....

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Officer puzzled by no-bills

If athe grand jury turns it down, there was not enough evidence to convict. The fault, therefore, is not with the grand jury but with law enforcement.

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Signs of life as hiring begins

Let's see how the Tea Party folks, those who "eat" information but do not analyze it, spin this story. They are having a hissy fit now because the economy is improving. So hard to spin when things are looking up!

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Palin rallies tea party with anti-tax message

America, wake up! This chick looks good but says nothing RELIABLE.She and Michelle Bachman are Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle-Dee. What they say amounts to distortion and lies. When they aren't delivering a written speech, they can't answer questions because they lack KNOWLEDGE! They may have college educations but they must have bought their degrees--not earned them.

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