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What phrase are you using when greeting people this holiday season?

Speaking as a non-Christian(Buddhist) who celebrates like Dionysis during the season I am fairly quick with a "Merry Christmas!" I am not offended by the proclaimation anymore then I would have been centuries ago when it was called "Saturnalia","Solstice", or "Yule". Call it what you want but 'Happy Holidays' sounds a bit generic and phony. Refer to each holiday seperately if you must. The Politically correct dogmas of our time have crippled our humanity and deluted the meaning of EACH holiday. We don't have to celebrate each holiday to treat it with reverence. So I say to you all Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Happy Chanukha, Happy New Year! May this season do what it has always done: Open up closed hearts, awaken our spirit of benevolence and foster appreciation for our beloved family and friends.

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