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Obama releases birth form, decries ‘silliness’

mao @ "omg the dr is dead!"

Jrolley--- I love it!

so is his that logic i guess that means he wasn't even born at all. in fact, he probably came from another planet. he's like kang from the simpsons and michelle is kodos.

for the past 2 years, these loons have been kicking and screaming for a birth certificate. now that they finally got their wish, they scream "omg why didnt you do it 2 years ago. its fake cuz the dr is dead" damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.

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391 vehicles checked for suspended licenses

Are you serious? Once again, less than 1% of the drivers (and this one WAS NOT announced). Obviously the police chief was stretching the truth when he said over 50% of Youngstown drivers aren't licensed. These checkpoints are bothering the innocent 99% to gather up less than 1% for Misdemeanors. Not to mention the 99% are the ones paying for it. I am just as appalled by this now as I was when they started...

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Pay raises debated between Youngstown and Mahoning County prosecutors

Personally, I am glad they got the raises.

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Gun permit revoked for man who denounced MLK day

Cheap, sensationalized heading of this article. As other's have pointed out, it wasn't even about MLK. Another reason the Vindicator is a rock bottom paper.

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Kasich: Automakers blast business climate in Ohio

I am absolutely thrilled that I voted for this man. First Republican Governor I have ever voted for and I am seeing that it was a wise choice.

Way to go Governor, time for real change!

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Teen girl escapes abduction try on city's South Side

Good job pointing that out. I firmly agree that at least 50% of these stories (when dealing with teenagers) are either as you say an angry girl or more likely, a young girl wanting attention.

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Raid on South Side house nets drugs, several big screens

Finally, the police chief & mayor are doing something that will actually curtail crime. Much better than stopping over a thousand cars to get 59 DUS...

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4,000 jobless in Valley still in limbo

Many years ago, I did as Morigan did, when my position was eliminated. I worked one waitressing job and one bar tending job and yes I was easily able to pay the bills. I believe in short-term unemployment coverage, but 2 years.... No way... Time to stop the gravy train. As others have mentioned they could have taken schooling, updated skills, networked, etc....

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4,000 jobless in Valley still in limbo

As much as a hate to say this, I agree they should be left exhausted.

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