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Gov. Kasich’s push for a study of school consolidation timely

Isn't funny that the governor wants to consolidate schools. However, on the other hand he wants more charter schools so he can continue to make his buddies rich. First off, consolidation is going to take lots of money too. New schools=large chunks of money. Second, you're still going to need the same amount of teachers or does he want 40-50 kids in each class? We all know that is really going to help the students become 21st century bound, NOT!!! Third, why is it the governor constantly attacking the working class. It 's ok your a republican who enjoys taking from the poor and middle class.
Here is the answer.... cut things such as, welfare and all the free hand outs given out to losers who never want to work. Figure out ways to get more jobs into Ohio and keep the current ones here. We know this is not your priority...LIAR!!!
I completely understand some smaller school districts are struggling to survive so maybe for them that is the answer. For the ones doing fine leave them alone. We should be consolidating transportation, superintendants, central office staff...

How about changing school funding. Again, that won't happen because that would mean richer schools may get less funds. We know the governor is not about taking away from the "Rich."
How about getting with all your other republican governors and start making the rich pay taxes.

It is clear that the governor could care less about the future of Ohio.

What a turd!!

August 7, 2011 at 6:44 p.m. suggest removal

Poland weighs options with no busing

Magnolia- Are you kidding me about getting a basic eduation for your child by homeschooling. I'm glad you are striving for such an excellent education for your child/children. No wonder public schools can't afford things because people like you would prefer homeschooling, cyber, etc.... over soap!

My first point:
Just because a levy is passed does not mean it is going to the salaries of staff members. Yes, salaries and benfits are the greatest expenses for school districts but that is true every where.

Next point:
I am so tired I hearing about how much people in the private sector pay and don't make as compared to a public sector job. GET OVER IT! People in the private sector don't ALL pay 15% or more for insurance, PLEASE! There are many perks to working in the private sector too. For anyone so unhappy with their job in the private sector then do something about it. You had the opportunity to be a teacher, police officer, etc BUT you didin't.

In regards to paying to bus children, get over it too. How about just making ALL students walk if they live within a mile of the school. We did this and we all survived. Parents teach your children safety when it comes to walking to school. Here is a helpful suggestion...car-pool with families and neighbors. Or better yet, combine bussing services. But again just like a previous post... then parents would have to get up earlier and some kids would have to be on the bus for a longer period of time and we wouldn't want that now would we. I'm sure the parents can figure this out.

The comments about schools having no paper towels or soap can only lead me to the obvious..... WASTEFUL ACTS by the children. Before thinking this is so untrue we all know it is not. Most kids have no respect for anything unless it directly affects them (and we all know soap and paper towels do not matter much). Teach your children how not to be wasteful. Realistically, schools should put these supplies on their classroom supply lists(nothing wrong with that). A bottle of soap is 2 dollars and so are paper towels. Times are tough on everyone. We should be thankful schools don't charge a fee to use books, lockers, etc... Then again that would be a great idea. Students would probably be forced not to write all over the lockers and destory books like they do now. Don't think it doesn't happen mommy and daddy because your son/daughter is probably guilty of these acts, too.

Bottom line:
The economy is bad and everyone/place is hurting. The days of freebies are over. The cost of educating your child/children is going to continue to grow.

July 11, 2011 at 8:29 p.m. suggest removal

Everybody has to make cuts

I wouldn't waste your time responding to Walter because he only sees things his way.
BTW Walter I think Concerned is point on with the fact you have nothing else to do but post on this website. Just because you have statements to share don't think they are always "educated." Remember people have their opinions just like you! I surely hope the "private sector" is not paying you to comment on this site during your shift. HAHA!

May 6, 2011 at 9:11 p.m. suggest removal

Statewide drive to repeal SB 5 gets green light

Walter, all I can say is your views of what is going on in a typical classroom is far from correct.. I would suggest you take some time and visit some of your local schools before you assume anything else. Also, I am not worried about paying more for my insurance or not getting a pay raise if SB5 passes. Yes, some teachers do get a step increase but not every year or everyone.For several years now I have continued to pay more for my insurance and receive no pay raise. I'm fine with that.
BTW.... Lunch duty or study hall monitoring is not considered instructional time. Maybe you should look up the words "instructional time." Not all of today's teachers sit at their desks or stand in front of their classes and just lecture. Today its called "differentiated instruction" (allowing your students to acquire knowledge in different ways). So I surely hope you will take your "tax paying self" to your local school district and spend some much needed time volunteering your services. Once you have done that by all means report what you saw going on. Don't just assume you know because you don't.

April 29, 2011 at 8:14 p.m. suggest removal

Statewide drive to repeal SB 5 gets green light

Sorry, Walter but I'm not going to go away. What a wonderful line... "those you can't, teach! By the way I'm not sure where you are getting all your information about inservice days, instructional time, etc..... but you are wrong... Not every school district operates the same way. I don't know any school district in my area that gets 15 inservice days. So once again the information that you are stating is incorrect. Check your facts before posting. A typical teacher does not lecture for 4hours. Bottom line you can feel the way you want about teachers and that is fine. As I have stated before there are both effective and ineffective teachers out there. However, don't assume you know what is going on in a classroom because you don't.

April 27, 2011 at 8:38 p.m. suggest removal

Under SB 5, Ohio will be first state required to base teacher pay on performance

Teachers should begin receiving merit pay when every other professsion does. What about the students who refuse to take a test, refuse to do their work, refuse to listen, please! This is unfair to teachers. If teachers could keep the kids for their entire 12plus years of education then maybe it would work. You can't change the enviornment in which they come from. How do you motivate a student who sees his/her parent stay up all night, not work put still have money????? Some kids have no motivation from home. Then teachers try their best and the kids don't care. How about changing welfare???? I don't understand why everything is sofocussed on destorying teachers. For every 10 students who succeed you have 5 or so that don't. Let's change the way we assess the students too! Merit pay is not the answer and neither is the annual state tests. Students are being taught to pass a test instead of what is important. How many students know their basic facts???? When you go to the grocery store how many young adults can count back your change, not many! However it is important for your third grader to know how many degress are in an obtuse angle??? Wake up people we need to address our governors and see how they are destroying our children's future. Children today are just robots. It is a shame that kids can't be kids. Years ago students came out of school knowing their basics, not today! Ask yourself how is merit pay really going to help, it's not! Talk about teaching to a test because that is all it is about. As I stated before we need to appreciate our teachers and support them not run them down and out. Educating children should be one of the most respected jobs but until we all come together and support our schools, teachers, communities and children we will continue to leave our children behind.

April 24, 2011 at 7:36 p.m. suggest removal

Poland schools stall in releasing public records on salaries

Grow up people! I hear a lot of miserable and jealous people! How is cutting jobs going to help anything. These teachers stimulate YOUR local economy. A teacher making $77,000 year is tooooo much, PLEASE! These people are responsible for educating your CHILDREN! Yes, they spend more time with your son/daughter than you do. If you don't like what is going on in Poland then get involved. However, that would be to easy. Instead hide behind your computer and just run your mouths. I can not believe how disrespected teachers are. I'm tired of taxes just like everyone else is but that is life. Go a few minutes down the road into PA. Now you can talk about taxes. I'm sure for the most part if you live in Poland you can afford the taxes and if you don't then move. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Quit saying teachers only work 7-8hrs. a day, 183 days a year. We work on the weekends and before and after school. If you have a personal issue with a teacher because they are not returning papers on time or using inappropriate language then address it. The chain of command is to.... talk to the teacher, principal and if you still don't get anywhere then move to the superintendant. I love how everyone has such wonderful ideas but never does anything about it. Last time I drove through Poland most people seem to be living well, driving the best cars, wearing high-end clothing and living in beautiful homes. Most of the kids (ELEMENTARY INCLUDED) have cell phones, the best clothes and electronic gadgets. You can't spare anymore money for your child's education.... Where are your priorities people...... Enough with the bashing of educators .....Do you think if teachers in Poland were paid 30,000 dollars it would lower your taxes, NO! Everything costs more including your child's education. What about the doctors and lawyers charging an arm and leg to see them. No one is complaining about that. Poland is full of these private sector employees ripping off the public.. But that is "OK!" You don't want to hurt the hands that feed you.
I can quess most of you ignorant people could not handle the job of an educator for a day let along a life time. The teachers are the ones who deal with so much disrespect from the children and then get no support from YOU, their parents! Teaching is not an easy job. People seem to think it is. I agree there are teachers who get into the profession for the wrong reasons but maybe these administrators need to do their jobs and get rid of them before it is to late. At some point people need to put their differences aside for the sake of the children. If you truly can't afford the tax increase then by all means vote "NO." If you are just trying to make a statement then you should be ashamed of yourself. Teachers are not going to quit teaching your children because a levy doesn't pass. Be part of a solution not the problem!

April 23, 2011 at 2 p.m. suggest removal

Statewide drive to repeal SB 5 gets green light

Yes, I do know I am under a contract.... Do you think I am stupid. I can tell you don't value the worth of a teacher. You are missing the point..... Every time you post something you state how good of a gig a teacher has.... I could care less how much debt a doctor, lawyer, etc... has SO DO TEACHERS! I don't hear to many teachers crying about the hours they work. What I am tired of hearing about is how teachers only work an 8 hr. day or we get 3 months off. Neither of which are TRUE! How about it is time the people respect the field of education instead of constantly bashing it. This is what I am tired of. Again, working in the "private sector" I could make double what I'm making. I'm sure you'll get your social security! So quit saying what a good gig teachers have because what I can see SO DO YOU!!! Maybe you should sit down with your son and tell him how little of respect you have for teachers. Also tell him how you think he doesn't deserve the respect, pay, pension, etc.. by being a teacher...Great one DAD!

April 22, 2011 at 8:20 p.m. suggest removal

Statewide drive to repeal SB 5 gets green light

One other thing Walter...
I have 28 students in my class. I'm sure when you were in school (a class of 35) your teacher did not have students on IEPS or 504s. Everyone was taught the same way. The teacher went on whether or not you learned it. Today, teachers are required by law to follow these plans. Everyone learns differently so we must vary our teaching methods, which was not what it was like when you or I were in school. So thank you for the dig of 35 students and a nun who took vows. Even if I was not a teacher they deserve more respect and higher salaries. Wake up America!

April 18, 2011 at 7:46 p.m. suggest removal

Statewide drive to repeal SB 5 gets green light

Walter, no I am not paid for after school or before school hours. I am not paid for the time I spend of my "own"time on weekends. Yea, I am paid for 180 days but if I don't finish my work I have to take it home. If I give a test and don't have a chance to grade it during my planning time (which is usually consumed of planning for daily lessons along with grade level meetings, etc..)then I must take it home. I don't feel it is very meaningful to give a test and not give feedback until a week later.
Now if I work in the private sector when my shift is done, I'm done! I don't know many doctors taking work home.
Continuing my education is not required in ALL private sector jobs! Yea, doctors and lawyers but remember their making 3 or 4 times what I will ever make. So there is no comparsion. It is ok that a doctor charges me 100plus dollars to see me all of 10 minutes and then may not see another patient for 2 or 3 hours. I don't see anyone attacking them. Please, let's not even go there. I'm not saying some people do not go into the educational field for the wrong reasons but that is not everyone. Teaching today is not what it was like 5, 10 or 20 years ago. I don't know how teachers are still teaching the same things they were years ago. We have standards that have changed and are currently in the process of changing again. If they are teaching the same lessons and using the same plans then maybe we need to be looking at the administators.
As I stated before not allowing public workers to collectively bargin is not going to help the budget. Again, it seems as though you feel you are entitled to something more..... then by all means go to college and get a teaching degree. However, I'm sure just like so many other people out there you wouldn't last at it.
Being so negative will do nothing for you. By the way I'm telling the truth because I deal with it everyday. So before you criticize others why don't you take the time to walk in their shoes.

April 18, 2011 at 7:36 p.m. suggest removal



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