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Abortion clinic in Valley closes

I know you will all jump on me about the comment of a med problem that could result in both a baby and mothers death.

If that baby would somehow make it... the mother needs to be there to raise it too.

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Abortion clinic in Valley closes

F**k all this political talk. A woman's body is HERS to make decisions for. Not some old fart in Washington... or some of you here.

Have any of you been raped? Have you had serious medical problems that could have not only resulted in the baby's death but yours too?????

Could you imagine, being raped and then raising up a child who is a product of that kind of violence? No matter how you raise him or her -- they could turn out like the bastard who raped you?? Lets face it, no matter how good your parenting is... a child may not turn out how you tried to raise them (several of you fit that bill I'm sure.... I doubt your mothers raised you to be jackasses... yet you are)

I am not for abortion at all for myself, and I am not for it as a form of birth control -- but there are circumstances that are beyond our control sometimes... but I realize after reading some of your comments on this and other articles... that some of you could never comprehend such a thing.

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