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Austintown should not demolish ‘well constructed’ Fitch High

Here is a website that is devoted to saving Ohio's Schools. Please Read and get informed! BTW, Fitch already has up to date technology. The Superintendent Vince Colaluca and the BOE have been neglecting repairs and renovations at Fitch for many years and is only in the shape it is in because of their decisions. http://renovateohioschools.wordpress....

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Austintown schools co-chairmen struggle to educate voters on bond issue

I need to know what "keep everybody employed" means. How can they say this after getting rid of many full time positions and making them part time positions? I know of many staff members that have lost their jobs since open enrollment. There is no way in hell they are getting more taxes from me! NO is my vote and I will do all I can to spread the word about how this administration led by Vince Colaluca and the previous administration led by then superintendent (Doug Heuer) have purposely neglected routine maintenance on the HVAC system, Roof, Floors etc. of Fitch and the other buildings that we just had replaced.

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Austintown should not demolish ‘well constructed’ Fitch High

We, the residents and students of Austintown, Do NOT need a new High School! Fitch is in very good condition and needs only repairs to be 100%. The boilers have been replaced a few years back, but the uni-vents are old and need repaired or replaced. Also, the building does need a new roof. As for modern technology, it's in there. All classrooms and offices have computers, and flat screen TVs. There are multiple "Computer Labs and Classrooms" up and running for several years. The building is well built and in great structural condition. It was built in 1968 and is quite new compared to most other school buildings in NE Ohio. Instead of tearing down the old and replacing it at a cost of over $60 Million, let's repair and replace the Uni-vents and Roof, at a grand total not exceeding $10 million.
By The Way, The State of Ohio will not match the funds to build this "new" building. Matching means 50%. Ask Vince for the True numbers, not the BS he spreads.

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Austintown schools chief, board member file police reports

Vince Colaluca is a bully himself. I know this because I worked in the school system for a few years. I saw first hand how he talks to employees and the lack of interest he has towards important issues. He is very condescending. Just attend a few BOE meetings and you too will see and hear the truth. His main interest is to build new buildings and make Austintown Schools a "campus". Which he has now done, with the exception of replacing Fitch High School. (that is next on his agenda) He also wants to sub-contract all non-teaching positions in the district to the lowest bidder. Rachel Wixey is just the tip of the iceberg. (Rachel Wixey is a company located in Toledo Ohio that takes care of call offs and substitutes.)
Mr. Porter is a the only board member we have currently, that actually listens to and cares about what the children and parents say and tries to address these concerns.

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Youngstown officials blast writer over city’s portrayal

Personally, I am tired of hearing this crap. Those of us that have lived here all of our lives know what we have been through. Since 1977 we have been through a lot in this area. The city itself has been hit hard and it shows. We need to remember the past and learn from it in order to move on. However, we do not need to dwell on it. I have traveled this country quiet a bit and can say that our city is no worse than a lot of other cities. We have a lot to offer and we should be proud of our past and where we came from. We have made it through the bad times and now we need to make things better. Our downtown is looking better and people are starting to spend time and money there. I take advantage of the Chevy Center and go to games, concerts, special events and go to the bars and restraints downtown. Mill Creek Park is one of the greatest parks in the country. The Youngstown Symphony, The Butler Institute of American Art, Stambaugh Auditorium are just a few of the great things we have to offer. Youngstown State University is a great school with many great athletic programs. This community comes together to help raise money for many charities. The people of this city and its suburbs are always ready to lend a helping hand. We don't need deodorant, we need people that care and people to take charge and lead the way to a better tomorrow.
It's time stop living in the past and work together to create a better tomorrow.

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Austintown addressing its code

I am a proud parent of a student enrolled at Fitch. I went to Fitch along with my wife, brother, sister, cousins, Father, Aunts, Uncles etc. We have never had a problem that was bad enough to warrant changing to uniforms and don't believe we have a reason now. When there is a problem the teachers and principles are supposed to take care of it. At the beginning of every school year a dress code is sent home with each child. The parents and students are to read it and sign it and return it stating that both the child and the parents understand the rules. If a child breaks the rules then they should be made to change, wash face, remove jewelry, etc. If the child refuses then you call the parents and have them removed! How hard is that? Uniforms are just a way for Heuer to make the parents think we need lots of changes and to try to be ready for his try at OPEN ENROLLMENT. The Parents need to stand up say Enough Already! Don't let him fool you into rules and regulations we don't need!! Say No to Open Enrollment!!!

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Austintown addressing its code

I wrote the following to each member of our wonderful school board almost a year ago. Of course, I had no reply.
"I like the fact that our kids are allowed to be individuals and I want it to stay that way. Uniforms and strict dress codes keep the children from expressing themselves. Think back to when you were kids, would you want anybody, especially people you don't know, telling you how you can dress? I think not! Is there a gang problem that we don't know about? Are the kids not dressing to meet the dress code? Why is this even an issue? Why are the rules not being enforced? I will support the freedom of my child, along with all the kids of Austintown, to choose their own clothes! Our children are individuals and I want them to be treated as such! I want them to grow up in a town they can be proud of like I did."

Clothes are an individual expression and all of our kids have the right to express themselves. If there are kids breaking the rules, then enforce the rules, don't make them more strict. My son dresses pretty much the same way I did in school, jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes. It was good enough for all these years but now that we have Heuer, nothing is good about our school system according to him. Heuer is hurting our school system and does not have a vested interest in our community.

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Lives lost or saved is at heart of debate over drinking age

I think the legal drinking age should be changed from 21 to 18 years of age. Our children can drive a car, truck or motorcycle, fly an airplane, go to war, die for our country, live on their own and raise children at the age of 18 and younger, why shouldn't they be allowed to drink? I have a 20 year old son and a 15 year old son; both understand the dangers of drinking. My wife and I continue to explain the dangers and show the results of people of all ages who may drink to extreme or who drive a car or work impaired. It is the parents’ job to raise their children with the knowledge to make the right decisions. I am a firm believer that it is not the age but the upbringing of a child, which determines what they do and how they do it. Teach your children from a young age and by example and they will learn.

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Motorcycle run with more than 1,000 riders to benefit children

Another great thing about our area! I saw these bikes drive past me. Wow, over 1100 bikes, what a sight and sound!!

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Vexfest V downtown cements friendships amid smashing rock

I am glad to see such positive things happening in Youngstown! I am tired of all the people saying we have nothing here, when in reality we have many things to do just like this! It was a great time and hopfully these bands will continue to get exposier and make names for themselves. Thanks to all that made this possible!

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