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Fifty more accuse friar of abuse, group says

Where are all of the comments for this story? There were many many more this morning and now we are down to 2. Something isn't right.

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About 50 more people allege sex abuse by former Franciscan brother at Warren JFK

lib you are right on. My question is "How many more?" If we are now hearing from so many thousands who were abused by these priests, how many have (and probably won't) not come forward? Certainly money may be the motivation for some, but it doesn't excuse the crime. I personally know one older man who was abused locally and will not go forward out of fear and embarassment. His parents were strong Catholics who told him as a young boy to do whatever a priest told him to do. People forget that life was a lot different back in the 1950's-60's. Priests and other clergy were put on very high pedestals and could do no wrong. My guess is that there are thousands of people who were abused who we have not heard from and won't. And WHO is paying these out of court settlements? Do you want to keep contributing your money? Did the Pope step down because he can no longer take the strain of all of these constant horrible stains on the Church? Me thinks so.

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How to stick to your New Year’s weight loss goal

It is great advice to keep moving and exercise. But from the photo it appears the vast majority of these women are menopausal or post. The accumulated fat around the middle is not going to disappear by excercise or diet for women past a certain age.Having been through it all, it is possible to drop small amounts of weight over time, if you are patient and can accept a 10-20 lb loss over a year. The first pounds off are just water weight. Abdominal/stomach fat will not come off in older women . The only solution is abdominoplasty or liposuction. This is not my opinion-this is from surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic. But exercise is good for the heart and circulation!

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Soup kitchen visit by Ryan stirs anger

This article is just ridiculous. Where is Bishop Murray? The fact that Paul Ryan even came to the St. Vincent de Paul kitchen is a credit to his compassion and Catholicism. Where are the Catholics welcoming him? No matter where a Presidential candidate goes, it will be a media event. Instead of criticising the guy, how about making a donation today to feed the hungry in the community instead of depending on federal/tax dollars?

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Biden, Ryan deliver fiery debate on Libya, jobs, abortion

Thanks Newsmaker1 for setting the record straight. My, how soon we forget what happened on 911. As Ryan said, we are being watched for any signs of weakness. Joe Biden was rude, condescending, un-gentlemanly, pompous and arrogant. Ryan took the higher road and held himself above the sneers and nasty grins of Biden.

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Obama, Romney spar on taxes, jobs, education, health care

@Walter: You are so right! Mitt totally dominated the debate and demonstrated what a leader he will be. You cannot expect businesses to survive by constantly burdening them with more government regulations and taxes and healthcare requirements for employees. They will either (1) close down (2) move abroad or (3) layoff employees or (4) ask for government bailouts/loans. Which is what they have been doing the past 4 years. None of those options are acceptable. Without breaks for the wealthy, who own the businesses, people will not have jobs! Can't the obvious be seen?
Romney totally blew Obama right out of the water (and hopefully out of the election).

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Youngstown metro most-affordable market in U.S.

I sold my home in the Youngstown area 10 years ago for twice what it is selling for on the market today. If I would have stayed, I would have lost my shirt. The once decent neighborhoods have gone downhill. However, if you are retired, have a steady income, and don't mind the 50's mentality of the area, it could be the place for you. As far as taxes, the complaining here is ridiculous. In 2010, I paid $7400 in just property taxes where I now live, in another city in Ohio.

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Valley-built Cruze sales tumble 39%

Finally the truth. Back in January, in the State of the Union speech, Obama tried to take credit for the increase in domestic car sales. My husband was in Asia after the tsunami and said that the ONLY reason there was an increase was due to so many auto part factories being destroyed in Japan. Now 6 months later the truth. It always comes out.

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Proposed trade pact with Asia produces hope, fear among Ohio manufacturers

Here we go again. Haven't we learned anything since NAFTA? The average monthly salary of a person in Vietnam is $150 US dollars. What exactly does Obama think we are going to export from union paid American workers that these (and other southeast asian people) can afford? Cars? Washing machines? Sure, it looks politcally great to sign another Act. $775 billion worth of goods exported in 2010? What exactly were they? (Military related?) Need way more info.

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What you need to know about health care now

Okay, before I can weigh in on this ( as well the Supreme Court should have insisited before voting) can they please exactly identify what "Affordable" is in dollars and cents?? Is it $200 per person a month? $500 per person a month? $750 a month for a couple? $900 a month for a couple and two children? And since it is for ALL AMERICANS may I now drop my $1200 a month health insurance ( with a $2000 deductible) and switch over and get the exact same care & benefits? "Affordable healthcare for all Americans" Why not just regulate the health insurance companies?

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