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Biden, NRA clash over new gun-control proposals

I don't believe in disarming citizens. I believe civilians should not have access to high powered assault rifles meant for military use.
In the boonies, we have shot guns and pistols. They work just fine. We don't need high powered assault rifles and high capacity magazines. No one does.

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Biden, NRA clash over new gun-control proposals

Yes, and the warped children of NRA gun nuts won't get a hold of their parents assault weapons and murder their mother then slaughter a bunch of little children while in their classrooms learning their ABCs either...

Oh.. wait!

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Biden, NRA clash over new gun-control proposals

I wish people would learn to read things for themselves instead of listening to FOX news and NRA propaganda. They aren't trying to ban guns. They will ban assault weapons and limit the amount of ammo one can purchase. NO civilian should own weapons designed for military. They should have never been available to the general population to begin with.
If you people are hell bent on havin a real good time and shootin high powered assault rifles then you best find a new hobby. It's not all about you anymore. There are sick sick people in this world with access to high powered military assault weapons and there are innocent babies here too and they need our protection not our selfish desires. You gun nuts expect us all to sacrifice our safety and our childrens safety to feed your need to "CHOOT EM" .. well I will not sacrifice for you anymore. It's gone too far. You're so busy shooting your stupid guns that you forgot to hang out with your kids and now your kids are friggen nuts and have access to your weapons.

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Ohio firearms group offers to train teachers

It's an awesome idea and about time!

The teachers who are authorized for the carry should also be sent through psychological evaluations as well as crisis response training.

THANK YOU to the teachers who are going to take that one extra step to keep our babies safe.

There are sick people out there who view our schools as sitting ducks. It's nice to know that our ducks will be shooting back!

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NRA calls for armed police officer in every school

I agree with mrrightsometimes!!

Those who think banning guns is the answer are dazed and confused. Guns are already out there and always will be. Criminals don't obtain guns legally!!

The best defense is to defend ourselves.

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Educators in Texas town have carried guns since '07

They are teaching children to fight back now anyway. They aren't going with the same "just be quiet and do as you're told" theory. These crazies are intent on killing and they will kill our children whether they do as they're told or not. So they might as well fight. There's a chance if they do, none if they don't.

I agree. Properly trained, armed citizens will decrease crime. Properly trained, armed school faculty is the best defense in keeping our babies safe.

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Nitro's Law lacks support for passage in Ohio General Assembly

Ulinstep, you said "This doesn't include treating them equal to or better than humans - like so many animal rights activists want."

No one is asking for the animals to be treated better than humans. They are asking that when they pay for a dogsitter, their dog be fed and cared for. Not starved to death and neglected.
They are asking that people not be able to tie a dog to a tree and forget it is there.
They are asking that people not be allowed to throw hot oil on or stab an animal for their own personal entertainment of their sickness.
It has been proven that people who torture and mutilate animals are more likely to end up doing the same thing to humans.
So unless you are one of these sick individuals, I don't understand our opposition.

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Nitro's Law lacks support for passage in Ohio General Assembly

NO one said anything about the death penalty for cruelty to animals!!!! Try actually reading sometime. You might learn something.

The ethical difference between hunting wild animals for food and killing domestic animals for fun??? Seriously?? You really had to ask that question? You must be one of the animal abusers!!!!

Also, put his in YOUR pipe... you have no proof that humans have immortal souls while animals have none.
Read your Bible if you want to pull the religion card. "Christians" like you are what is causing so many people to turn and run away from religion!

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Study: Free birth control dramatically reduces abortions, teen births

That transvag ultrasound is so they can get a very clear picture of what they call a BABY in hopes that the woman will recognize the jelly like blob as her baby and change her mind. It is a cruel mind game. They will take weeks to schedule the ultrasound and by the time she is able to have the abortion, it will be too late, she will be too far into her pregnancy and be forced to give birth to a child she does not want or cannot afford.

Adoption you say?? How many kids are already sitting in foster homes?

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Study: Free birth control dramatically reduces abortions, teen births

The Bible thumping republicans need to keep their noses out of womens uterus'!!
Stopping an egg from dropping for fertilization is a whole lot different than abortion. If they don't want abortion then the alternative is birth control. Sex is a natural thing and everybody does it. It is healthy for us. You aren't ever going to stop people from doing it, it is in our genetic make up to have the urge to do it. So give women the means to not become impregnated with a child they cannot afford or one they will neglect or abuse. This way, women won't seek out abortions nor will they need to do a 'home abortion'. It's very very simple.

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