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Warren cops investigating allegations against 15-year-old

Don't you think it's time to treat these violent teenagers like violent criminals? They are young enough to be rehabilitated and if we keep giving them little slaps on the wrist and hugs, they will keep on committing violent crimes.

Prison needs to go back to being prison. A place where "fun" is not in the vocabulary. Work crews, chain gangs. Maybe then these kids wouldn't be killing each other to get in there.

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Niles police seek help finding missing woman

She was found last night. The Tribune has her picture and the update.

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Niles police seek help finding missing woman

A picture of the woman we are keeping an eye out for would have been reallllllllly great.

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Pope washes feet of women, in sharp departure with church tradition

I think it's wonderful that he did that. The church's rules haven't been working in this modern world. Time to break some and get back to the teachings of Christ.

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Stolen soldier statue sold for scrap

Whoever stole it and scrapped it out is probably poopin their pants right about now.

Make an example of the thief. We are too light on crime so there isn't much to fear. Give the criminals something to fear.

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Woman now claiming Pa. friar abused her, too

Sure, why not lady? You ought to be able to make a quick buck too. Having different plumbing than everyone else he molested shouldn't be a hindrance.

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Cortland man faces sex charges

I cannot believe that his home address was posted!!!! Saying he is from Cortland was enough. He has children!! Don't you think his kids are absolutely mortified as it is and now you have opened it up so that every fanatic and nutjob who reads this can go terrorize them?! I wish his kids peace. Im so sorry, kids. This is not your fault in any way and you should not have to pay for your fathers errors in judgement.

Did you know Sam Paskey attended and graduated from the exact same school as former pervert superintendent Joe Shoaf Jr.? Yep. They lived less than a mile from each other.

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Southern Baptists urge continued ban on gay Scouts

My gay friend and his partner of 25 years have 3 sons. Being that he has sons that would be in the scouts he should be allowed to be a scout master... right?
Toycannon has it right, the " Just because they feel it is wrong ... "
Just because THEY feel it is wrong doesn't make it wrong. It is nothing more than their opinion based on THEIR religious teachings. We don't all share the same religious beliefs. I don't force mine upon everyone else and I don't think anyone has the right to force theirs.
Perhaps "hate" was too strong of a word but you have to admit that many religious groups are emphatic about being anti-gay.
Not letting gays participate in their childrens activities and not allowing them to marry the loves of their lives is ostracizing them.
Why do some people think that being gay means they would be attracted to young boys? If you are straight does that mean you are attracted to young girls? Of course not! Pedophilia is a sickness and it has nothing to do with being gay. Lots of straight people molest little girls.
If the church wants to control something then they should focus on their Royal Rangers and Missionettes. That is their version of Boy Scouts/ Girl Scouts.
My opinion is I really do think that being gay should not be a reason to not let a man be a scout leader. Gays have children too.

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Court: Sentence for man's 15th DUI too harsh

No wonder people are so screwed up. They are able to get away with everything! If the courts would actually punish people instead of giving them all hugs, there may be less criminals.

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Southern Baptists urge continued ban on gay Scouts

It is un-Christian like to ban gays from living life. The Holy Bible says to love thy neighbor, it did not say to love thy neighbor unless he was gay and then you should hate him and ostracize him.
All these people who are treating homosexuals as less than human will have to sit in front of their God one day and explain to Him why they treated his children so poorly when He specifically asked them to love.

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