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Owners suspect poisoning in deaths of 3 dogs in Campbell

@ MARGETIL... I truly hope your "typical pitt-trash dog owners" comment wasn't to suggest that a) Pit Bulls are trash or b) people who have "Pit Bulls" are trash. If it was, any and all credibility you may have had just went out the window. I see you are a frequent commenter on Vindy (45 thus far)... might I suggest you sit on your hands the next time you feel the need to type out your thoughts.

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‘Nitro’s Law’ calls for stiffer penalties for animal abuse

To starve, abuse or torture an animal shows a complete lack of respect for life as a whole. To believe this will only manifest towards animals is naive. Those who choose to ignore this, are in essence, condoning this behavior. To take the stance against harsher laws and punishments, makes one equally as guilty. To state one is against such behavior, but then take no action, is just as bad.
It is way past time for Ohio and the rest of the world to declare this is no longer acceptable, will no longer be tolerated, and follow our statements up with actions.

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