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Plea deal leaves rapist free pending sentencing

Maybe Natasha needs to experience the humiliation and fear of the victims for whom she obviously has little compassion. Maybe if she was the victim of such a crime, she would be a better PROSECUTOR.
But hey, folks, time and time and time again we see we do NOT have a JUSTICE system; it merely is a LEGAL system. A speeder really gets penalized far more than one who rapes, kills, steals. But then that is easy money for the LEGAL system and the organizations that profit from speeding fines. It is a sad and sickening situation, isn't it?

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Trooper enters diversion program

WAIT A COTTONPICKIN' MINUTES!!!! This cop gets away with just a slap on the hand for vandalism. What would a judge do to a teen that did this? Come on LEGAL system; let's start serving up some EQUAL JUSTICE for the crime committed. Look at that man's eyes; he can't even look straight. Judge Judy would tell him he looks like a bad element of society just because he can't look the world in the face. I am not against this 'person', but I think justice needs to be EQUAL for all. You murder someone just for grins and giggles or you don't like them, sorry, but you get death. You don't know what you are doing because you are on drugs or you are mentally challenged, well, we will give you a chance to appeal and then probably death because you made some really bad choices. Did you rob someone just because you are too lazy to work and think the world owe you a living....sorry, you will lose your hand. Use a gun and maybe lose two hands and we toss you out on the streets again to fend for yourself. Rape a child...death! Rape a grown woman...death. We can cut down on our expenses to keep the creeps on death row or in jail. And how many get out and do the same thing all over again? That would be an interesting study. EQUAL JUSTICE FOR THE SAME CRIME!!!!!

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Ohio author visits middle school

How wonderful this author comes to schools to encourage new potential writers. This story is a positive and God knows we all need to read some positive stories in the newspapers, which seem to be filled with so much violence and sadness. I would like to see the Vindy talk to the schools in this area, see if there are some kids that do good things and let the world know about it. Let's have more accentuating the positives published in the paper to make us realize the world isn't filled with the dirtbags that rob, murder, etc.

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With baby locked in, mom can’t get police

I would imagine this mother did not want to leave the car to go back inside the store to get the manager. Her call was not handled properly at all. Anytime a child is locked inside a car could mean danger. How did this dispatcher know that there were no fumes going into the car? A cop should have been sent to this woman since obviously, a tow truck wasn't called. I am assuming she had a cell phone. Maybe we all need to program into our cell phone, the number of a tow truck company. It would have saved this mother some anguish. She admitted it was her fault. And maybe the critics should think the next time of how easy it is to get in the habit of locking the car doors when you get out of your car; we sometimes really do things automatically. And you critics should stop and wonder how you would react if you left your baby in a locked car. I think you are being overly critical and only because you are so perfect and have not done one dumb, unthinking thing in your entire lives. How does it feel to be able to walk on water? InColumbiana, why would the cops bash in the window? They have means to open the door without bashing in a window. And you are an idiot to say few things go on in Youngstown and this simple thing makes the news. It just brings out the fact that someone (the dispatcher) was human and made a mistake too. Get a life!!!!

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House Democrats vow to fight Senate Bill 5

I am on the fence here and I admit I have not followed all this from both sides. I am against public employees going on strike and hampering the necessary services we need. But on the other hand, I don't feel it is right to try to bust the unions so there is no bargaining powers. Do we want to go back to pre-union work conditions? I sure don't want to see that happen. If they do that to these people, then it will just trickle down to every union. But it isn't right to get all the perks that the auto industry has gotten for their workers and listen to them whine when they can't live such a good life to which they had become accustomed. Sorry, I get $700 a month and I cannot feel bad for those getting 3, 4, 5, 6 times, maybe more each month. Without unions, the people will be denied reasonable raises and good working conditions. Remember what Regan did to the Airline industry. Maybe a cap could be put on wages until the country gets back on its feet....all this mess is THANKS to politicians on both sides and a stupid war for people who have never known democracy and peace. There has to be some compromise here and not just the politicians (note I cannot use the word 'representatives') shoving something down the peoples' throats. Cops, firefighters need to have up-to-date equipment to protect our lives and to protect their own while they fight to protect us.

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Floyd pleads guilty in slayings

Wow! Take 2 lives and you get 20 years in exchange. This woman and her daughter were denied life, maybe another 60 years or more and these creeps get 18 years, 20 years? You may call this JUSTICE but it isn't. It is an insult to these two dead people, an insult to others who might become victims of such creeps and nothing short of the courts and lawyers thumbing their noses at true JUSTICE. Hooray for the LEGAL system and the money these judges and lawyers take home. You may live well in this life but somehow, I think you won't in the next one. Hopefully, the creeps get their just reward as well as the ones who defend and judge them. God will judge you and I wonder how you will be judged? Can you soothe your own conscience now? I imagine you do for I have read of this 'plea bargaining' crap and how all you do is basically slap a murderers hands so he can get out of prison in a few years and go at it again. Now THAT is when the judge and lawyers need to be put into prison for they have done a crime against society. How horribly sad. If they murder someone, put them to death and let God sort it out. You assist in a death, out you go too just for being so downright stupid and out of control!!!!! When will the victims and potential victims be protected????

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Man rearrested after escaping from hospital

Oh, just slap him on the hand and this crook will be fine to be returned to society as a upstanding citizen!!! Well, isn't that how the LEGAL system moves? The lawyers get richer and society gets the shaft?????

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North Boardman group keeps eyes open for suspicious activity

So typical....a bunch of people show up when the crime goes up; otherwise, these same people don't want to 'waste' their time with this Block Watch. But you can bet they will be the first one to get upset if/when they have a burglary or vandalism. This happened in Springfield Twp when we were trying to fight having a landfill. The few did the work, tried to raise monies, get the EPA to help us (NOT), inform the people, etc.. Unfortunately, the big money of the landfill won and continues to this day. Wait til it is proven to be a source of cancer (definitely on the upswing here), water pollution, etc. and those who couldn't be bothered helping in the fight will be the first to fuss, especially if/when it starts to affect them!!!
All the decent people in North Boardman need to join this group and let it be known that the number of participates is growing and they are out to curb the crime. Even a few 'Right to Carry a Concealed Weapon licenses' will help too. Get speakers in to motivate the people to take back their streets, to know what to look for; keep those cell phones handy with the police numbers programmed in for quick use. Push the 'city fathers' to get rid of those abandoned buildings and get on the ball to do it soon. A well-organized group can do a lot of good. I know some people who live in that area and I hope they too will get involved. And as you folks make your streets safer, it means this country bumpkin will feel safer when I visit my friends. Good luck to all of you for you CANNOT rely on the LEGAL system we have. We do NOT have a JUSTICE system unless it is half-assed, done with plea-bargaining violent crimes down; and rape becomes a gross sexual imposition!!! What a slap in the face of the victim and justice.

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It’s Ohio law: If wipers are on, lights must be on

Maybe cops should issue a warning to first time offenders. But this is the law and it is hard to see a car in dreary weather if they don't turn on their lights. I heard someone give me a great idea and I would like to see this as a new feature on cars....When the windshield wipers go on, the car lights automatically come on. Be nice if they could put such a control device on older cars. We are all human and tend to forget to turn on those lights....for safety, folks. I know the state uses it for an income medium, and yes, cops should be watching for the driver that is a real ass, passing, speeding, etc. But bottom line, it is the law; just turn the blasted light switch on to protect you, your loved ones and those other drivers who share the road around you. It really isn't a big deal for motorists to do this. JUST DO IT!!!!!
Just to add something else. Nice weather is coming and you will see more and more motorcycles on the highway. Please, please be aware of them, be cautious. When you make a turn or stop at a stop sign, look twice and save a life. The motorcyclist just loves what he is doing and he wants you to respect him and his mode of transportation. Thanks to all who read this.

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Hannah’s House

I think Hannah's House is a wonderful concept to help women get off alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. It is easy to sit back and criticize people that are addicted, especially if you have no clue how that addiction feels and what mental and emotional issues might fuel the addictions. I don't have these issues but I know people that do. I don't even pretend I understand, other than to say that I can understand a food addiction and these other addictions have to be a zillion times worse. I give anyone so much credit when they admit they have a problem and seriously seek help. I pray these women will have the right attitude to getting the help they need and go on to have a wonderful life free of addiction, be able to cope with problems that once made them turn to the addictions to blot out the problems even for a little while. May God bless those who are working with these women. I would love to see every community have such a 'house'. If we could get rid of the drug and alcohol situation, I know we could see a big decrease in crime.

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