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Poland schools stall in releasing public records on salaries

Poland is made up of crybaby parents and their spoiled children.
Plain and Simple

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Poland issues to be discussed at Sunday forum

NO on all 3. Enough is enough!!!

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If Poland levy fails, ax will fall, chief says

Just say NO!!! Pity us all they need a new dishwasher. Let the ax fall. It will still be business as usual. Try pay cuts Zorn!!

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Mom turns in son from stealing drugs from her bra

It wouldn't happen in Y-town only because women here don't wear bras. Just ck out Walmart any day of the week.

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Business interested in Kress building, downtown

I remember the Jingle Bell course. My ex-wife was a Jingle Bell at McKelveys. Now she's a Ding- A- Ling. HAHA
Anyways MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!!

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Youngstown will bring back holiday parade

It's CHRISTMAS Youngstown!!!! And I'm sure 99% of the people in would agree. For the ones that don't agree crawl back into your bug infested hole!

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Maple syrup reference angers two readers

I'd only be concerned if they started to bottle it.

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Bus driver finds body on Champion school playground

I remember when I was stationed at Ft. Bragg back in the 60's. A black man was found hanging from a tree with 3 bullet wounds and hands tied behind his back. The sheriff who happened to be white said it was the worst case of suicide he had ever seen.

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Utility is asked to halt bulb program

Last week I purchased an 8 pack of the GE energy efficient bulbs at Sams Club for $13.29. That avgs. out to $1.66 ea. First Energy can shove their light bulbs where there is no daylight.

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