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Boardman’s pet peeve

This type of business should never have been allowed to open in this area! They are promoting animal abuse and are not doing society any good. The animals that these stores sell come from puppy mills. In case you've never read up on puppy mills, I have provided a link that shows exactly the conditions these animals live in prior to coming to the pet store, only to be sold for thousands of dollars more than they're worth!
The people that run this store must not have a care in the world for animals. They are the sole reason puppy mills still exist. And they want our sympathy so they can get their sales up!!! It's sad to say but this is one business I would love to see take a dive for the worst just so we could be one step closer to shutting down puppy mills. It's truly devastating that people are this heartless. There are thousands of dogs that are in need of adoption all over this country so we need to stop buying cute little puppies that have come from puppy mills and adopt the puppies that truly need our help. You can find any breed of dogs for adoption at this site! Please check it out before you ever decide to go to a pet store. You will not only save a few thousand dollars, but you will save the life of an animal that is in desperate need of a good home!!

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