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Williams loses to Lundy at Foxwoods

All loew did was run his mouth about Lundy. Instead he should think about teaching his fighters how to jab, move their head, throw some combinations...basically everything....

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Williams loses to Lundy at Foxwoods

He looked terrible and totally out classed. Just another example of what a terrible trainer loew is. No defense, no jab, no combinations get a real trainer while you can!

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Southside’s Dannie Williams has fight on ESPN

Why is there coverage on a guy who's NOT from Youngstown?? Oh by the way isn't there a local fight this weekend that's received very poor coverage?? Good job vindy!

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Pavlik moves on, no regrets

Enough of this guy...let's start covering other fighters in the area that are actually doing something!

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Source: Pavlik exaggerated Kessler offer

What if the people around him are part of the problem??

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Kelly Pavlik’s reputation takes a huge hit

Lol your sparring partner was Darnell Boone???? Lolol he's a conventional fighter and you have him sparring southpaw??? Lol typical garbage training for a guy who was going to fight for the super middleweight championship by the worst trainer in the game!!! No wonder he backed out Cunningham had it right....he was going to knock him out! Lol

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Kelly Pavlik withdraws from Saturday fight

Sorry buddy but this is the 5th fight he's backed out on...not an isolated incident. Also when he looks bad (as he does now) the area looks even worse. He portrayed himself as this kid from a blue collar, rough, rugged fighter and hes the exact opposite.

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Kelly Pavlik withdraws from Saturday fight

The real bum here is his trainer that he refuses to leave....all of the sudden he doesn't know anything???? Typical coming from the worst trainer in the sport!! Get away as fast as you can from him and salvage what you have left!

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UPDATED: Pavlik fight called off

By the way....if this just happened why has Dannie Williams been scheduled to fight in st Louis next weekend?? Wasnt he on the undercard?? Something's definitely fishy!

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UPDATED: Pavlik fight called off

Sad...I'm sure he could have any trainer he wants but he still chooses the worst trainer in the sport loew...he sticks with him because he enables him to continue on his path to long as he gets paid what's he care. If you are still serious about the sport. Take some time off...get with professional people in the sport and get rid of these losers who you have as an entourage they are just terrible human beings!!

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