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Volatile crowd backs Austintown BOE member

For one-there SHOULD be a bias towards the teachers and kids! Aren't they what it's all about? Secondly, I think all Austintown parents and residents have learned a hard lesson-VOTE NO! I would much rather keep my money in my pocket so I can take care of my child's classroom myself. We have to pay a fortune as it is to supply the classroom with all the neccessities. We give our money to the school district and it's never seen again. My daughter's classroom has been no less than 100 degrees in it all year so far and when her teacher asked for a fan, they told her no. That along with the broken water fountain has made the poor kids in her class absolutely miserable. And they want us to believe all they care about are the children? Give me a break.

September 19, 2012 at 1:56 p.m. suggest removal