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On Audio: "Gallitto The Paranoid"

I did privide the example already, Denise Dick's article about the sunshine law violation...that was not the truth, THERE WAS NO VIOLATION. She fails to mention that she left the meeting before the trustee's came out of executive session and that those that were there know the trustee's conducted the levy discussion in open session and in front of the public.

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On Audio: "Gallitto The Paranoid"

This is complete bs..Bertrum and Denise Dick never report the truth from Boardman...Denise Dick's article about the sunshine law was bull..she left before the Trustees even came back out to conduct open session because she "had a deadline", while apparently she has no journalistic integrity other wise she would have said she left before the meeting was adjorned. As for Gallitto asking Kathy Miller about talking to Denise Dick, maybe she is just tired of Kathy Sand bagging her and Larry all the time to the Vindicator, and last time I checked she did vote Gallitto Chair women, if she was so ill fit to lead, why did she vote for her. Isn't it Gallitto's right to ask another Trustee what they said to reporters? If its regarding Township Business, thats her right to know. The Trustee's should be on the same page regarding media comments because that's where citizens get thier information and township business should be presented in an acurate manner, not comments from one trustee but a statement from the Board as a whole. But no Kathy went and cried like a baby to the Vindicator staff writers who sympathize with her, because guess what DRAMA sells papers, and frankly thats all Denise Dick and Bertram care about, other wise they'd report truthfull stories.

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