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Acclaimed downtown eatery closes

To be honest, they started with a great promise and idea... Then I went there to eat, and after waiting close to an hour and a half for lunch I really didn't frequent the place that often.
I came back a few times and the quality of food had severely dropped... And until recently I started going back and actually enjoyed it again! I ate lunch, paid and was out of there within an hour and the food was great!

Yes, I'm saddened to see it go, but bad business is bad business. The owner does not owe anyone much of an explanation (other than one to the employees if that's true) but it would be nice to put all of the questioning aside and garner a better picture of where they went wrong, in hopes of not repeating the same mistake.
They also opened another food-stand in the food court inside the old Phar Mor building- does anyone know what will become of JRs?

As for the various "Youngstown is the devil" comments (that's what i see when i read the blah blah blah comments of how bad it is).
I work and live in Youngstown. No it's not that great, and YES i've traveled outside of this state, hell all across the country. and guess what I didn't grow up here, I actually chose to live here!!
(I don't like suburbs, sorry, strip malls are not my bag)

But I like it here. That's my belief, my opinion. I keep my side of the sidewalk clean, take care of my own and talk to my neighbors. I'm happy here.
So why beat something that's already down? What point are we making on here? I know I'm a complete hypocrite, but maybe we all get off of the computers, off our asses and attend council meetings? Stop voting corrupt politicians into office and do something... even just pick up the damn trash or visit the businesses downtown...
You don't have to live downtown, ok? But you can help.
There are still good points to downtown, but i do hope we find more to add in those vacant buildings other than bars. People who can't leave and are struggling need a damn job to support themselves and their families. Bars will not make a living for them.

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18-year-old arrested tonight in murder of elderly St. Dom's parishioner

Ah! i have to stop on here- Jeratboy- yes i read and own the book- I love Dr Jenkins.
And i just want to say- you're right- we have to do that part as well- raise our standards of living. I did buy a house by the way, in the City, although its not to tear down but live in. I love it in the city- Youngstown, and I'm keeping an eye on the vacant properties near by and have contacted the Lien Forward program in hopes of the empties next to me becoming mine and doing exactly what you stated- giving the land not to a landlord, but to someone who wants to live in the city, like myself.

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18-year-old arrested tonight in murder of elderly St. Dom's parishioner

It is appreciated.
As for the rest stating give the race card a rest, i am only pointing out the obvious point stated by blatant racist comment stated that and i quote "their day will come." Who is they? I believe humans are all made of the same genetics, and are all considered to be the same in my eyes, at least. So again, their day? if its their day, it may as well by our day. Humans- all the same. Skin is not historically relevant in any terms. Humans are humans. We have a social responsibility to take care of each other. Again my belief.

I'm only encouraging WE, as in EVERYONE work together and make this a better place.

I don't care of anyone's color or creed. What matters is we all work TOGETHER to end the violence, no matter what. If you feel different- its your opinion/point of view and entitlement.

I will not respond any further- my main point is to say- if you care enough to read and rant about the issues/problems in Youngstown... and you want it to change (big difference here, some people don't care other than saying its wrong and thats it)
Go downtown for dinner, give to the Rescue Mission or St Paul's Kitchen, ANYTHING to put a POSITIVE CHANGE in the city. There are a ton of people waiting for you to chip in- its very easy to find, go to volunteer services ( or downtown, we need your help!

Last by not least, Jackrr- i cannot help but respond to you-very good with being antagonistic. Perhaps you may channel that energy to a good cause, help your community out by doing some volunteer work, donating.
Or you could study our history to at least broaden your perspective to see everyone who has immigrated here, including your ancestors fell victim to racism and prejudice. Look up what happened in Youngstown in 1924, if you're of any dissent other than WASP you may feel a tinge of offense to how people were treated and harassed. Similar to what you're doing right now. But again i've wasted a lot of words on you. You will probably enjoy this retort- have fun with it because i'm done responding. Honestly, I'm saddened you feel that way. Maybe one day things will change..

But none the less, please continue to tell me to shut up and get a life- i agree!
I think I'll do just that- get a life helping the city.
The rest of you- i leave to your message board. I hope at least ONE person does something good. Please, we can't sit back and wait on anyone else anymore.
I leave you with this quote.
"Say and do something to change the situation, it doesn't take any brains to complain."

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18-year-old arrested tonight in murder of elderly St. Dom's parishioner

I believe complaining equals caring. Everyone on here, (with the exception of the extremely racist, ignorant comment posted) does still care about Youngstown and does not want to be in the news as Murder City... But change doesn't happen over night, nor does it occur when we have no money for our police to even receive a salary, or even patrol the streets. We have to foster a positive community, it starts with banding together neighbors, knowing each other on the block and generally starting to give back to the community.
No, I doubt we can pass a levy with our state of being at this time but we can at least start but giving back to the city.
I say this just to inform you of the Block Watch meeting for the Southside area directly impacted by this murder (and the other few).
If you can, please go.
February 3rd, 6pm Newport library.
Power is found in numbers. Lets all give the city a message- we want things to improve...
Jackrr, I will pray one day your eyes will open and learn there we are all the same people, regardless of color. Also, maybe a trip to highly improvised areas, with mostly your own demographic (I'm assuming you're the other race, given your statement) committing crimes exactly such as this will make you realize poverty, violence and crime know no color, race or creed.

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