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Should Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann resign?

"let him without sin toss the first stone". Marc Dann. What has he DONE for OHIO? I wish all I had to do was throw stones at people.
Jim Traficant? How can you devils say anything about Jim? Take a ride downtown. EVERYTHING there, Jim Traficant had a hand in making possible.
Marc Dann made mistakes, but look at everything he has done for Ohio and also for the Youngstown area.
If all of the "old" public officals who are now dead were still alive, the Vindicator would have to put out a special edition on everything they did wrong.....and what they did RIGHT as well.
leave attorney Dann alone. This will straighten itself out. The good that he's done will outweigh the bad.

May 8, 2008 at 12:28 p.m. suggest removal