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Former AG staff bimbo defines brazen!

Oh here is TheLostPatrol again...seems you didn't take my advice before to really get lost.

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Former AG staff bimbo defines brazen!

Diony7, love your comments. Is Bertram de Souza a professional writer for the Vindicator? If so, does the Vindicator have an editor because I can't believe what I just read. If de Souza is not a professional writer for the newspaper, then this is just another shallow person that has just wasted two minutes of my life that I'll never get back.

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Woman in Dann case now lectures us all a favor and get really lost.

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Woman in Dann case now lectures

Good for Cindy Stankoski - don't let them keep you down girl; if your message saves even one young woman from having to go through what you went through, you've done a great thing. Keep your chin up and don't listen to fools such as some of the people that have posted their remarks here. I for one wish you all the best in your life and I'm glad that you are doing something positive from your very negative and difficult experience.

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Board approves payment to two in Dann scandal

You are both very shallow people. It's always the victim's fault as far as you are concerned. These girls brought down a corrupt politician and his cronies and they were brave to come forward with their story...all women should be so brave.

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Two women in AG case settle with Ohio for $247,500 each

You really are a big hypocrite Heard_it_all_before. It's shallow people like you that scare women from reporting sexual harassment, rapes, and other crimes against women for fear they will be ridiculed instead of applauded for coming forward and speaking up. These two women were very brave and have paid a heavy price for their bravery. In the process their bravery took down a very corrupt politician and his thugs. When you think about it, this settlement is less than the annual salaries of Dann and his cronies, all of whom were not qualified for the jobs they were being paid to do. These women deserved a lot more money because in the long run, they saved the state millions, but I guess shallow minds like yours can't see the forest from the trees.

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Women of AG scandal, state settle

These two brave women still ended up on the losing end of this deal. $247,500 after attorney fees and taxes does not leave them with a whole lot of money to get their lives back in order, especially since they are both without jobs right now. Stout had already resigned, Stankoski was on medical leave. It's not clear to me why she had to resign while on medical leave. Doesn't the Disabilities Act protect Americans for this exact thing? It seems to me that no matter what laws are in place to protect Americans, when you have people in powerful positions that want you out, you will be gone in a blink of an eye. Makes you wonder if others will think twice before they blow the whistle on wrongdoings in government or anywhere else for that matter.

P.S. Marc Dann should not be allowed to have an opinion about this.

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Assistant attorney general files harassment complaint

Actually, it's Jennifer Urban and not Jessica Urban that is filing this have her mixed up with Jessica Utovich. I think it's only a matter of time before Jessica Utovich files her own complaint, which will be an interesting read when it does happen. And as far as Saxton and Haske, what a bunch of crap.

Sounds like the AG’s office needs to invest in a supply of pacifiers since these two girls can’t type while sucking on their thumbs. And where is the department’s supervisor or manager…he/she should be fired for not being able to control his subordinates and allowing petty crap like this to even take place.

I think Saxton and Haske are so pissed off they didn’t come forward with their own harassment charges against Gutierrez in their testimonies to Ben Espy that they are now looking for attention any way they can get it. Even though you lied under oath girls, get a backbone and tell the truth about the harassment you endured and stop whining about being given dirty looks or whatever else you are claiming here…it’s petty and childish - reminds me of elementary school when I would hear girls cry because other more popular or prettier girls didn’t want to be their friends. Grow up.

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Dann’s lack of judgment on public display — again

That conference should be reserved for only AG's who have successfully completed at least a four year term in FLUNK-OUTs. This is like high school dropouts returning for their intended graduation year high school reunions. What a joke.

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For $1M, Ohioans deserve a show

Looks like the state may be paying more money to more people that are jumping on the sexual harassment bandwagon as the plot thickens - see tonight’s ABC news coverage of Jennifer Urben’s own sexual harassment allegations against Leo Jennings and Anthony Gutierrez:




I would have to go back and read her testimony again, but I sure don’t remember reading anything about any of this in that document. Does that mean she lied under oath?

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