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Donald Trump called for an immigration policy to ‘only admit into this country those who share our values’

Cambridge I was with you right up to when you said "the biggest certified liar the world has ever seen", that honor as we ALL know, belongs to Hillary Clinton.

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Rep. Bill Johnson dismisses Dem chair's call to withdraw support of Trump

Betras is a first class BLOWHARD

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Is this your car? Is this your weed? Liberty cops want to know.

Dude where's my car
I left my skunk in it and I'm jonesing

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DeBartolo humbled, honored by NFL HOF induction

Kensgirl you couldn't pay me to go to a game.
When the hooker and the John conduct business, they BOTH break the law.

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DeBartolo humbled, honored by NFL HOF induction

Kensgirl in one breath you praise Eddie and in the next you condemn crooked politicians. There is a huge disconnect there. Eddie like some members of that other local billionaire family is a convicted felon . He was convicted of bribing a politician. I can never understand how someone can condemn the receiver of the bribe and not have the same condemnation for the giver of the bribe.

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DNC CONVENTION | Ryan defends NATO, US role in free trade pacts

An example
We can launch a plane from Louisiana and fly it to Afganistan to bomb a mud hut. Along the way we will refuel it going there and on its return trip, using American planes all along its route.
When the Europeans were clamoring for the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi , Barak Obama declared that America was going to lead from behind (I'm still laughing), basically trying to duck out of the endeavor altogether. But Obama's hands were tied, the Europeans couldn't even fly to the other side of the Mediterranean Sea just a few hundred miles away blow up a mud hut and return without the help of refueling aircraft from the US. So Obama was forced to take part in the overthrow of the Libyan Government by ordering the American airforce to refuel European planes .
We can literally fly around the world, they can't even fly across the Mediterranean Sea.

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DNC CONVENTION | Ryan defends NATO, US role in free trade pacts

Cambridge let me start by stating that I can't stomach the thought of Donald Trump as the President, he is a first class buffoon. My follow up statement is I can't stomach the thought of Hillary Clinton as the President, she wouldn't know the truth if it slapped her in the face.
In regards to NATO , the Europeans have been using and abusing the American Taxpayers for decades now. I have served in uniform, but more importantly I have spent decades studying the issue of the defense of Europe. The OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of the NATO Countries do not meet the NATO requirement of 2% GDP on military spending . Of the 28 member states only five meet the 2% target. The five being the US, Greece,Poland,Estonia, and the U.K.
It should be noted that three of these are recent to the list, Greece increased spending because it is being overrun by refugees. Estonia and Poland have seen the writing on the wall for quite some time now regarding the threat from Russia. It has been the US and the U.K. that have carried the water for Europe. The population of Europe and the US are similar as is its overall economic production. But when you compare military capabilities between the US and Europe you see a HUGE difference between the capabilities of the two. If you compare the number of Soldiers deployed to areas of conflict, once again the numbers are glaring in their disparity.
The point of all this bloviating is this, NATO is dis functional and the Europeans are USING us. It is high time we enforce the 2% spending or cast the deadbeat countries aside and kick them out of NATO.
The worst of the worst, Italy should be the first to be shown the door.

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Judge Milich cites attorney for wearing Black Lives Matter botton

As for Dawn Burton's comment, I guess she would agree then that someone can wear a button into a courtroom that says "black lives matter is a terrorist orginization", after all it's a freedom of speech issue. And then I guess someone else could wear a button that says "Barak Obama is a Kenyan Muslim". Or how about "judge not lest you be judged", that would be allowed also , right?

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Judge Milich cites attorney for wearing Black Lives Matter botton

It would seem that Atty. Burton needs to thank Judge Milich for educating her on the case of Berner v. Delahanty.

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The Kasich, Trump divide

California has the lowest home ownership rate in the country. So by saying eight million people can afford to live here, what your really saying is that half of that eight million can't afford to buy their own home

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