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Wedding reception goes wild in Girard

the groom was drinking at his reception is he the first groom in history to do so
some the greatest moments in peoples lives involve a drink its called a celebration(even though not everyone includes drinks)
if the groom caused property damage which lead THE SERVER (its a hall not a bar, thats why they cant give out shots
who also broke company policy by doing this and when is drinking on the job ok would you want drunk servers at your wedding) outside then why wasnt he charged
and if my boss looks at me and says go get 15-20 drunk people under control with only two of my co-workers i would of said thanks but know thanks
besides the police where on the way right so either that was never said or we got a john wayne on our hands
as far as the police of course you believe them they protect you nobody wants to think a cop would be dishonest
we are human everybody lies and no body wants to look or feel bad
sounds like a couple of cops where in over there heads and did what the had to to get the situation under control(kick butt take names later)
and for the hall new management new policy clean it up get people in there who can handle these situations
like i said the truth will come out
and for the groom know when to say when

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Wedding reception goes wild in Girard

all i have to say is why are people still talking trash it was over a week ago seriously its time to let this go it could have happend to any one of you and im sure that everyone that was at this party feels bad for the server but if he had the groom pinned down then i highly doubt that the groom could have done that type of damage to his face i mean really look at it that way and as for calling them such rude names is just ridiculous to i mean really people get off your a$$e$ and get a life ok!!!

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Wedding reception goes wild in Girard

First of all I dont understand why people are saying such rude things about this couple when they don't even know them. I mean really if this was your son or daughter would you want people to say such rude things about them i dont think so.....Second how come the bride and groom were not contacted so they could state there side of the story..Third how can you just publish someones address like that in the paper and yes i believe that there is more to this story than said How are we as people to know this unless we were there...i mean really this is just wrong and i feel that the newspaper and anyone that had a part in publishing it should be ashamed of themselves and owe these newlyweds a major appology and i agree with you sick of this..$hit i hope they do get sued an loose there jobs!!!!!!!

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