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Former parent liaison at Warren school pleads no contest to assaulting student, 11

If the parents would have taught her some respect for authority figures at home this would have never happened and would not have ruined Mr. Crum's Life.

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Poll: Kasich would top both Hillary, Bernie among Ohio voters

I can not believe that so many people are willing to vote for Kasich after he stole from every municipality , township, city and school district to build his slush fund in the disguise of balancing the budget.

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Community members and organizations react to Mill Creek MetroParks dismissals

Mr. Ragan's remarks that they were aware of what the communities reaction would be is a prime reason why all of these dismissals were done after the parks ley was passed on election day. "John Ragan, president of the Mill Creek MetroParks Board of Park Commissioners, said in an interview Monday that he’s aware of the community reaction to the dismissals and that, to a certain extent, he expected it. - See more at:
The park board was well aware that if these dismissals were done before the election that they should a good chance the levy would not pass.
This is the same reason that the park board severely limited the use of the farm for 2016 by Mahoning County 4-H until after the elections. They knew that the vote by the parents of over 1000 kids involved in Mahoning County 4-H would also affect the election.

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Fire district continues with plans for station

Need2No needs to check his info more accurately. Canfield already has 2 Fire Stations, not one as he claims.
I'll bet you have never stepped foot into Boardman's #1 Fire Station, because that station has outlived its usefulness. True their current stations are strategically placed but there are more reasons than that to replace a station.

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Youngstown school board president appeals rejection of commission pick

Since Brenda Kimble took it upon her self to appeal the Judges decision, she should be held accountable for the expenses incurred. This is nothing but pure nepotism on her part. Even though this person has been appointed to a position for the balance of the school year, she is still a substitute. Kimble is only hurting the kids of Youngstown school district by wasting so much money on her self indulgent ideology. She should immediately be removed from the board.

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Survey can save Canfield Fairgoers on admission price

First of all I would like to say that the fairgrounds was there long before Linda Neel. Secondly there has been a manure pit in that vicinity as long as I can remember being involved with 4-H, which has been over 30 years.
The fair lasts for 6 days, the Neels should have realized before they moved in that they would be inconvenienced for those six days of the year.
Why would anyone move next door to the fairground if they are concerned about such trivial matters which only last six days of the year. If you are so concerned about it, schedule your vacation during the fair and leave town.

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More claims come to light for Dellick

I cannot believe that the Vindicator keeps dredging this story up everyday. There is nothing new in todays article that we haven't already read. This is a grown adult that has to face the results of his actions and not let anyone drag his Mother down with him. This judge has done so much good for so many of the youth in Mahoning County, because she stands up for her son you try to ridicule her. Any Mother worthy of the name would do the same for her child. This young man definately needs help and I hope she stands by him and sees that he gets it. Every parent that has a child that does not grow up to be the adult they want them to be, is not responsible for that childs failure.

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Aftermath of killings: Action on gun control?

The firat place this country needs to control guns is keeping them out of the hands of gangs and criminals. If this was done then you wouldn't need any other type of gun control. Until this is done the rest of the country need their guns for protection. I agree with Hman that the only ones calling for gun control are the elite idiots that don't have to deal with every day society.

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Boardman cops arrest Youngstown man wanted in Columbiana County

That's right the country kids are raised with guns and parents that teach them respect for the guns and human life. You don't hear of country kids just walking around shooting each other.

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Hoodies with a Purpose

If this is such an innocent young man, why are they only showing a picture of him at 13 years old instead of a more recent photograph. They are using this photo to gain more sympathy and stir the racial pot that much harder.

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