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Shallay (anonymous) says...

Good Luck to Maria Guyan and the expansion of the rescue. So nice to see rescues that are not begging every day on their Facebook and websites, giving you the horror stories of these poor animals. New Lease seems to genuinely care about the health and welfare of the animals. Unlike West Side Cats, who does not give a hoot if the cats live or die. It is all about stealing money from people. The public has fallen for so many sob stories from this loser. Kimm knows people will do anything to get rid of an animal. She will take it off your hands for a fee and the animal will be lucky to live a few months. The lack of sanitation, lack of medical care, lack of vaccinations has killed thousands of cats listed as adopted. This scam artist does not stop. She begs for money for the phone bill, the rent, the electric bill. It just goes on and on.
We could use a few more NICE rescues, not rescue scams.
Best of luck to you, Maria, as you DO genuinely care about the animals.

November 1, 2013 at 10:22 p.m. reply suggest removal



Youngstown, OH