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Frick & Frack are back

Regardless of how one feels about fracking, this column is uncomfortably mean-spirited and unduly personal. And I'm not sure it makes a whole lot of sense either--the two are scientists and ODNR itself has documented negative environmental effects from fracking right? So, because they have "cushy" jobs, they shouldn't speak out--seems like they should be the ones TO speak up because they have no economic stake in this--that's kind of what scientists and researchers are for, right? A bigger stake would be had by the local newspaper hungry for advertising revenue...

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Did Tressel blow it?

No, the president of a public university should not be endorsing any political candidate. No, the president of a public university should not be delivering a keynote for an anti-gay group (it directly conflicts with the university's official stance on diversity and equality). Yes, he needs some advisers that have lived outside the bubble of the Mahoning Valley and actually know something about public higher education. As a side note, it's also amusing that what's negatively referred to as "the comfort zone" of academia would be called "best practices" in business.

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Valley charter school students score poorly on state tests

And then there is the Youngstown Plan, plotted in secret, implemented with no chance for debate, and fully supported by the vindy--a plan that is designed to funnel more and more students into these same charter schools.

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Poland school board: No levy on March ballot

I think it was about the demolition of historic buildings. Come up with a viable adaptive reuse strategy for these landmarks and then include that in the proposal rather than demolition funds.

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South Dakota State crushes YSU, 38-8

YSU hasn't beat South Dakota since 2007, so I'm wondering why they designated this one as the Homecoming game...

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Youngstown schools plan was kept confidential, minutes say

As I recall, initially Humphries refused to disclose who was on the "commission: with him, so secrecy WAS intended. It's also sad that these minutes are released by a political group and not the news media...

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How YSU salaries compare

It is common knowledge that three Deans have left for lateral positions (no increase in rank) because the place is going down the tubes. What you'll find, with faculty, and the union can't really say this, is that the most qualified professors, the ones with productive or promising research agendas and strong teaching will leave. Those who can't leave because of age, lack of productivity, poor teaching evaluations, are the ones who will stay. You get what you pay for.

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How YSU salaries compare

YSU has had a very hard time recruiting quality faculty over the past eight years. Time and again our first choices in searches turn us down because of the low pay, the highest workload in the state, and the crappy anti-intellectual climate.

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Salaries of most YSU faculty rank below US average

And let's not forget YSU faculty have THE highest workload in the state. It's be interesting to see how many faculty have left YSU for the same positions at other universities over the last two contracts.

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Tressel and the art of caring, and not caring

Art of not caring? How about the art of narcissism, egomania, or megalomania? Let's praise an incompetent and unqualified leader for his willingness to "plow" over best practices that ensure quality and rigor in higher ed and to work with the same old "private sector" cronies to accelerate Youngstown's race to the bottom.

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