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Why is workplace discrimination still an issue in this day and age?

Well stated Andrew! I could never understand why anybody would care about what another consenting adult does behind closed doors. The only possible thing that some folks may be against the LGBT community is because they are probably jealous that we can be who we are with no apologies given. I will say that things are better than they were 35 years ago but we still have a long way to go as a society. I'm just fortunate that I have been blessed with a wonderful family, friends and co-workers throughout out by life.

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Woman says John Dellick threatened her at YSU

Oh that John is a bad, bad boy! He needs a good spanking!

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More claims come to light for Dellick

John boy is a bad boy that needs to be spanked!

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Warren vigil urges peace in wake of shooting death

So much for Rollison Sr. stating that his son was a "good person and that he never did anything to nobody". Lets see, a stolen car that he was in and just released from prison from a burglary conviction. Certainly qualifies for sainthood.

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Attorney general's probe into Sciortino case limited by legal protections

I wonder if Assion and Sciortino are still buddies? Assion should have known that those days are gone with technology and big brother being what it is. Was it really worth 19K to show off your power and ego?

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Warren cop shoots, kills man with long criminal record

Nothing loss here. Walker should have put up his hands when told to. Good job on the cops part. How long will it be before we here what such a "good guy" Walker was and how he was turning his life around? Will we even see a "protest" in downtown square with bedroom slippers and pajamas? Once again, outstanding job performed by the cop and he should now be promoted immediately.

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Warren police sergeant back at work after 9-month suspension

Two years from now he will probably will be rewarded with a promotion to lieutenant.

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