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What the hell is wrong with you?! A couple of KIDS die and you post "f them!"??????? You're very lucky these are anonymous

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Bodies of 2 Mooney seniors found in Boardman cemetery

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and student body...

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Teams write new chapter in Valley’s football tradition

All this talk of pedophiles and what not on a thread that is supposed to be about two state football titles, and this isnt the first time I've seen it from this guy... hmmmmmm, maybe you've got issues better suited for a therapist's office instead of an online forum.

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Teams write new chapter in Valley’s football tradition

This guys is unreal.. Quit crying and get a life, and change your user name while your at it.

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Ursuline, Mooney familiar with Week 15

Even outsiders understand how asinine you haters are! Congrats Cards and Irish! Theres many more in the valley proud of you than there are put off by your success.

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Ursuline, Mooney rally before today's championships

Good luck Cards and Irish... Bring two more titles back to YOUNGSTOWN!!!

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STATE ROUNDUP || News and notes

Beautifully put Drep...

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Torn over team

So Poland will play us in every other sport except football? Typical Poland.

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Torn over team

First time poster and yes, Mooney grad...

Before I go into my little rant I want to make it clear the physical assults that have occured (whether it be those discussed above or any other) are unexcusable, no question...

1) Given the disclaimer above, few people know the back stories of the incidents above and clearly poland would love to use them or any other ammo they can find to bash mooney: at the end of the basketball game, while players were shaking hands, a derogatory term for black people (and you know which one I mean) was used by Poland head coach in reference to Beachum to his face, I kid you not. Then, the Poland student who was punched at the ACT's used the same deroratory term against the Mooney student who punched him... and get your facts straight, it was a one punch and done incident, not a beat down. The injury was exacerbated because he fell and hit his head after he was punched. Regardless, it was stupid and unexcusable. But lets not kid ourselves, these same incidents go on at the public schools.

2) Please tell me who mooney recruits, who is doing the recruiting for mooney, and what these recruits are being promised... I've been around the programs and the school for a while, and i still cant find anyone who has been recruited. I just want to remind you that both MAURICE CLARRETT and BERNIE KOSAR wanted to attened Mooney and have their tuition paid, and they were both denied! And the last star football player I can think of from Poland who went to Mooney besides Beachum was Matt Kubik. He came to Mooney because he had Ben Baer infront of him, and as far as poland politics go, Kubik would have wasted his time on the bench. Instead he came to Mooney and earned a full ride to LA Tech.

3) Of course Mooney's students are from all of Youngstown's surrounding communities, thats were the parochial grade schools are! Those are our feeder schools.

4) In recent years Mooney and poland haven't scheduled to avoid ugly situations, however prior to any of this, the real reason poland and many other area schools wouldnt/wont schedule Mooney is pure and simple... They are affraid. They're too busy beating up Struthers, Niles, Chaney and so on.

I know there is no point wasting my breath, but it has to be said... Go ahead and continue to gripe about Mooney, whether it be out of fear, jealousy or a combination thereof.

Good luck Cards... Bring home another title!

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