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Widdersheim's family denies abandoning her

So my cousins are with such a "Loving" family. Hmm, a family that walked out on them after the divorce when they were little. A family that refuses them until they had a DNA test done because they didn't want them. Their own father doesn't want them, even now. Yes, that MUST be a true loving family, I guess everyone else was wrong about what it truly is. Shawn didn't know about the abuse, and I won't make excuses for him, because I don't really know him. My family has NEVER, I repeat NEVER begged at a church for anything, and the foundations and fundraisers are going to shelters to help battered women, men and children. NONE of it goes in ANYONE'S pocket. We are trying to save others from abuse that my baby cousin went through. This article was a response to clear up the lies that Shain reported in the last article. There is even pictures to show that she and Zaryl burned the kids toys and belongings before they left, not to mention us being told to back off or we were going to jail. All of us. We tried every legal thing, but to continue further would have resulted in us going to jail, if that had happened, no one would have called and told them that Teddy didn't die of the TEN different stories Shain told everyone. SO, the negative comments about my family from behind the fake usernames is not needed, because you don't know the facts. Good day to you all.

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Widdersheim's family denies abandoning her

We never neglected Shain, she lived in a house my grandmother paid for, and then she met Bush, let him burn their toys and belongings and moved away from us, and when we tried to see her, she pushed us away. She had babysitters when needed, and before Bush, we all were there for each other, she helped me while I was pregnant and everything. No one ever pushed her out of the family, we tried to pull her back in. She was the one that pushed. Her journal even says so. She even called the twins liars to their face when my grandmother confronted her about them sayings they were abused, so no, she does not deserve my cousins. They need to come home to their family, and she needs to stay in jail. She let it happen to her boys and did nothing. She even got mad at me at my grandfathers funeral when I was talking to the boys while she wasn't right next to them and Teddy started to tell me what was going on. If you want to take an assistant murderer's side and not see the truth, then whatever floats your boat. But don't say nasty things about my family.

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Widdersheim's family denies abandoning her

Finally, truth. I was there Shain, you're my aunt, shame on you for lying. Thank you, Grandma Sara, Lilly, Miss April, and Paul for telling the truth.

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Also, the comment was posted by a user named Aware, and for some reason it's only showing up on the mobile website, as Ytwon confirmed, it's only showing up in our phones.

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Teddy's mom is my aunt. He is my cousin, and we grew up together until Shain left us for Zaryl.

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Oh, they won't. They make us fight harder

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For some reason, the comment posted by Aware is only showig up on the mobile website. I posted a copy on my facebook page if you would like to see it.

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Aware, MY daughter was trying to make fun of people on TV. She will do anything silly, because she's four. Just like when kids put on mommy's make up. So leave my child out of this. My family are not losers, we work hard to make sure we are all taken care of. I can not speak for Shawn. because I've had the same arguments as well, BUT, Grandma Sara did not raise Shain to be that way. She was the kindest person until Zaryl tainted her. We also tried every legal action we could take, and it got us no where but threats with arrests and lawsuits. SO, you DO NOT know what we went through, you DO NOT know the story. You know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about my family. We are not sick people, and we will help anyone in need. But, bring MY KID into another one of these comments, or go through any of my families facebook accounts again, and I can have a legal action of harassment, because that is exactly what it is. I've grown up around lawyers and law, and I know exactly how to do it. I will not have my family called sick losers. Just as anyone else would defend their loved ones.

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like the comment said above, we would have been locked up, Shain and CSB both told us anymore and we were getting arrested.

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Teddy Foltz’s mom talks about her failure to protect her son

But Shain got help. Grandma Sara took her to a counselor. She could have came to us, she was never homeless, she left with Zaryl and told my Grandma Sara she was leaving the house and that Sara could have it. The abuse started in that house she claims to have been "kicked out" of. She let him burn all of their toys and belongings. SHE LIED. The only truth to this is that Teddy is dead.

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