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All Americans should embrace the principles of Kwanzaa

borylie, I call you a racist just as you so proudly call yourself one. Calling me stupid for my opinion shows me your mentality but such is life....Your opinions on these posts come across as very racist and discriminatory. If I was black and you were my boss, I would definately pick up on your life views (since you claim to speak as bluntly as you do) my point is that maybe this is why someone of color that YOU hired didn't work out. This is what perpetuates the problem. How many of the workers that didn't work out for you go back to life on the streets of Youngstown and kill or rob someone? Think about that one...maybe your view on life is adding to the problem.

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All Americans should embrace the principles of Kwanzaa

So then Stan, the question remains, what can you do about it? Who is going to teach these thugs some respect? They don't see themselves living past 20something. We have told them that actually...that their life expectancy is short in the why should they obey any rules? There aren't any jobs for them. Just listen to these posts....borylie says he has hired all people of color and they don't work out. Gee, I wonder why, maybe having a racist as a boss would be one reason. People celebrating the principles of Kwanzaa in Youngstown is a great thing. These are good people trying to set good examples and principles for their young. They cannot save all of them, but if just one decides to live by these principles and make the community a better place, I am all for it!

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Youngstown police probe fatal shooting on Lora Avenue

Northside girl....innocent bystanders are most certainly being taken out. Even though some of the violence is targeted, the bullets surely are not. Tell that to the 11 year old little girl shot the other day or to the innocent others in Y town that have been caught in the cross fire. Hang out long enough and I'm sure you will be witness to something.

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