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Cat shelter reopening; charges still possible

Typical responce email from AC. They saved the office cat to use as their ACE in the hole, to come down on CLS.Killed the healthy ones and our keeping the Kidney fairlure cat as evidence. Now that sounds Inhumane to me.Pumping the cat full of fluids are you,Maybe a special diet...can't let this one die.You people don't love animals you are covering your butt.We can't wait to hear why your agent killed those dogs in the AC parking lot!!Therapy dogs to boot.Mahoning Valley is watching and Listening. You need Boycotted. CLEAN HOUSE YOUNGSTOWN. Start a new Animal Chairty, one that if there is a complaint to be made it won't fall on deaf ears because Daddy is on the Board of Directors and people aren't dating workers so on and so on.Confict of Interest.I do believe it's called.

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Cat shelter reopening; charges still possible

Here is something else to ponder on..Peta and Inhumane Agent Borosky OPENLY called the Cat Ladies Hoarders and Hoarders have a link to Metal Illness. Well if this is so then why is NO Agent paying Our Own Queen of Angels for Animals a visit? On her recent interview with Dan Rivers she openly addmitted to owning 50 cats at her home.Is she above the law?Why is she permitted to OWN that many cats on a private residence and these woman get hammered for running a business?? Here's another question for someone.Why are the YPD so quick to run in on two woman with cats and my daughter for 2 years has been complaining about the DRUG DEALER across the street from her house that is 2 blocks from a school on Schenley .NEVER ONCE HAS THERE BEEN A REPSONCE TO HER CALLS!!!!

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