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Words, maturity lacking at finish

This article is a joke!!!!

If your coach wants to talk about maturity ask him about all the things he said about Tue Trimble Tomcat football team.
I can't even believe this article was written.

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Trimble, giveaways oust W. Reserve

Western Reserves coach is a jackass!!! He said some awful stuff about the Trimble football players in earshot of our players, he made an ass out of himself on the sidelines and i wouldnt give him a glass of dirty water if he needed it. I would be ashamed of him if he coached at my school.

He did tell his players he would quit his job today if he got beat by a bunch of Moppets so hopefully he keeps his word.

On a positive note, you guys have some nice athletes and played very hard. You gave our team a good fight.

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