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Authorities warn Valley drug leaders: 'We will get you'

Way to go Law Enforcement! Score a big one for the good guys!

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New bus plan to send Austintown kids on WRTA

Someone has yet to explain why any school district should be forced to bus kids to a school outside of that district. If a parent chooses a private school and wants busing, choose one within your district. There is a Catholic school in Austintown and they are still busing Austintown students there. Austintown residents should be happy that their levy dollars are supporting Austintown schools and not the private schools in Youngstown.

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New bus plan to send Austintown kids on WRTA

Wow. Schools just can't win. Most people complain about the levies and wasteful spending. Now schools are cutting wasteful spending and people are still complaining. I can understand people being angry if Austintown was no longer busing kids to private schools in Austintown. But they are still doing that. Why should they have to bus kids to private schools outside of Austintown?

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Reports say "30 Rock" star Tracy Morgan refusing to help mom save her Youngstown home

Just saying... has anyone verified that there is actually a foreclosure???

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Area ranked next to worst

Unionforfever "Unless new high paying jobs move in, the demise will continue and only the politicians will be left." And what high paying jobs would you not bash? You despise anyone making a decent wage in this town.

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Puzzling Problem

First of all, ytown, thanks for not bashing me. The things you bring up are exactly the things I am thankful for - a modest copay and partial PERS pickup. They are also the things that will most likely be changing in our next contract. So not only are we not asking for more, we expect a continued pay freeze, increased copays and PERS contributions. Again, a sign of the times and no surprise to anyone.

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Puzzling Problem

I am a county employee who would like to share some facts that people may not be aware of. I graduated from YSU, paid my own way, and got hired by the County without any connections. I have worked from 8 until 4:30 Monday through Friday for 19 years. I clock in and out when I come and go and for my 30 minute lunch. When I take time off, I use my sick or vacation time. I am a union member and have not had a raise – not even a cost of living – for five years. My health insurance copay has gone up and my PERS contributions have too. I am not complaining about these facts – I live in this County and know full well the state of economy. Concessions must be made. And while even I must agree that there are some overpaid County employees – mostly in management - not all of us are. So while I am grateful for the wonderful things about my job, I work hard for my money like many other County employees and pay the same taxes that private sector employees do. I just want people to know that there are hard working County employees making an average wage and making concessions.

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McNally expects up-or-down vote on CSB raises

Last time I checked, the school year is 9 months long and teachers start before the kids and end after the kids do.

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Mahoning CSB approves pay raises for workers

Are you people really posting these statements over a three percent cost of living increase?

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Cat-shelter volunteer defends facility’s efforts

Animal Charity provided no information on the following during their "interview" with Louie Free:
What specific illnesses did the abducted cats have?
Why would an animal be put down because it was dehydrated?
Why did they mix sick animals with healthy animals?
What animal training do either of these women have???
What charges are being brought against CLS?
Can a shelter be shut down because the humane agent doesn't agree with their adoption procedures?
If there were so many sick cats, why didn't Animal Charity release video and pictures of these socalled sick cats the same way they plastered the images of the abused/neglected dog found not too long ago? They played that case up top anyone who would listen. They are surprisingly restricted with info on this case.
Those women said so many inconsistencies I was left speechless. And not to mention, they said CLS charged people to drop animals off to them. I know personally that this is not true. I found a very sick kitten that they took without ever asking for a penny. Animal Charity also said CLS charged extremely low prices for adopting a cat but when asked how much they charge, they said almost the same amounts as CLS. The City of Youngstown pays Animal Charity for humane services... what a waste of taxpayer money. And at the expense of cats' lives. Shameful.

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