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From left to right: Mike Terry Daprile of Boardman, Norman Weimer Sr. of Youngstown, Frank Prato of

Dear Vindicator Staff,
Please tell me this is a misprint. Were these third and fourth degree in the Masons or the Knights of Columbus? There is a major difference.

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Pig Iron publisher takes historical perspective

I applaud Pig Iron Press, and will make an effort to get in there to see what all Mr. Villani has to offer. I didn't realize it was anything but a publishing concern. How lovely!!!

I would like to answer "leetorres" assertion that Youngstown people "probably do not read much anyway." I used to work at an independent bookstore that is sadly gone now due to the refusal of it's owner's to pay its bills. And it wasn't that they couldn't have done so. We surpassed $1 million in sales in our first 7months (Jan-July), and continued to surpass $1 million per year even after a major competitor opened nearby. I also worked at Waldenbook in Southern Park Mall in the early 1990s. I was shocked that they did over $1 million a year--at a Waldenbook!!! When I lived in Nashville, I worked for an independent store there in a major mall, and we never broke $1 million in the four years I worked for them--in "the Athens of the South!!!" Maybe Youngstown isn't all we could hope, but its people do read at a voracious rate, and that is worthy of praise.

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Newton Falls mayor recalled

Thanks be to God!!! I know some people in this community, and it has been nothing but bickering and in-fighting for almost 20 years. No matter which side of the situation you agreed with (and I have my own feelings on that), no one in their right mind would want to live in what could be a lovely little town because of the constant ill-will and tension. Hopefully, now there will be peace, and Newton Falls can regain it's reputation for being a good, quiet place to raise a family.

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Candy tampering isn’t a big concern

Actually, I lived in Flint, Michigan at the time this happened--another great American city!!! When we moved to Youngstown (a step up, actually), we ended up in the suburbs because we wanted a larger yard. I did belatedly see that the story downplays the idea of candy-tampering, but what harm does knowing where something came from actually do? There are people who have no choice but to take their kids out for what we used to call "Beggars' Night" in less-than-nice neighborhoods, so I still think my idea is useful. As for the Southside being a bad area, I notice that a lot of the urban blight around St. E's has been leveled, and it's still not safe for the nurses on late duty to leave alone. It's not the area that needs to change; it's the hearts and attitudes of people. Whether you shoot little children (or adults), or you give them tainted candy on Halloween, you're evil and deserve to get caught.

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Candy tampering isn’t a big concern

My brother was very little when this disgusting practice of attempting to injure little kids started occurring. We lived in town at the time, making it possible for him to go to several houses in a 5-or-6-block area. In an effort to head off the problem, I had him go to the door of a house with an empty bag. When he returned to me, I wrote down the number of the house, and what type of treat he'd gotten there in a steno pad--perfect for address on one side of the page and type of candy on the other. I then put that treat in the big bag I was carrying for him. The next day, I told some friends what I'd done, and was surprised when they asked me what good it would do since he could have gotten more than one of the same item. My logic was this: if the injury came from a popcorn ball, etc. and he'd gotten six of them, then we'd know which six houses the police should check. The same would be true if the candy is x-rayed. The police will know which houses that type of treat came from because of the log you keep. You'll not only make it much easier for the police, but you'll make it much scarier for people who think this kind of thing is funny.

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Elderly man killed, wife wounded near South Side Annex

Censoredship wrote in # 31:
Believe me, if these were Muslims attacking Catholics at church there would be violent response from the Catholics. But since it's the poor black liberal brothers the church leaders are perplexed.

HowardinYoungstown wrote in # 21:
In this economic climate, I would seriously consider the possibility of a hired killer. There are lots of drug addicts in this town that for a few hundred dollars for their habit would do anything.
Who stand to gain the most money or property from the deaths of this couple, and what is the current financial situation of that person.
I am not saying this is what happened, its just a potential motive.

Dear Censoredship and All,
Who indeed stands to benefit if St. Dominic's would be closed by the Youngstown Diocese? The Diocese would surely sell the church property. To whom did they sell St. Dominic's School? I would suggest you Google Horizon Concept Schools and their founder, the Turkish imam, Fethullah Gulen, and the type of "science" they teach. Or their ties with the Obama administration. Then consider that the present mosque in Youngstown used to be St. Matthias Church. Youngstown'istan? You ain't seen nuthin' yet.

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Elderly man killed, wife wounded near South Side Annex

Dear Life2Short and All,
I agree with your assessment of the current state of affairs in other cities. I even lived the tragedy that is Flint, Michigan ( ) --a city to which Youngstown is compared far too frequently. Isn't it interesting that the Youngstown school system sent representatives to learn from the Flint Community schools--so they can create for us here just such a pit of h*ll as Flint was 40 years ago and continues to become.

But I digress. In all of those URLs, I didn't find a single reference to someone being murdered on their way to or from church or (God help us!!!) in the church parking lot within spitting distance of the back door. In that sense, Youngstown goes all these other cities "one better." I hurt for the people of St. Dominic's, my former church. I was up much of the night trying to picture who was in that Cadillac which I've seen many times. Youngstown disgusts me.

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Elderly man killed, wife wounded near South Side Annex

My prayers are with Mr. & Mrs. Repchic and with the people of St.Dominic's Parish. What a horror!!!

Mr. Mayor, this will be your second trip to St. Dominic's for the funeral of elderly victims, who can't even go to church in peace and safety. Don't you think it's time you did something to protect decent people--of all colors? God help anyone who has to live in that area.

May God have mercy on those who did this--because I most certainly wouldn't!!!

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Woman killed outside South Side church

I would agree with Stan except that the same could be said about almost any area of Youngstown, and even the various shopping areas. This particular crime is especially grievious to me, though, because St. Dom's is my church. I am sitting here mentally going through a list of friends who attend the early daily Masses and wondering whose funeral I will soon attend. I read on another site that this crime is all society's fault because we have not provided jobs to the disgusting scum like the person that has done this! I respond that whether you are rich, poor, black, white, employed or unemployed, you do not have the right to commit crime because you have nothing else to do!!! A criminal act is ALWAYS the fault of the perpetrator because, in the end, he/she makes the final decision to do evil. That it was done in a church parking lot shows just what kind low-life the murderer is.

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