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Judge OKs change of venue for ex-mayor Layshock’s trial

Well, now, someone with some sense. Moving the trial is a good idea, I mean, a jury trial in NF sounds like a dream come true for Layshock, everyone in that small town is afraid of him and what he might do to them later. WTG Columbus !!!!!

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Layshock hearings to resume in May

Ok, Newton Falls, who does he get to sue this time? He has never had to pay his attorney so far, you NF taxpayers have. Now, do you really think because this is the Ohio Ethics Commission that he will be found guility, you all should know better. From what I have read in past, Mr. Layshock does no wrong, its all the citizens and councils of NF picking on him.

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Falls police face funding cutback

Ok, So far I have heard " Its the Chief's fault, he brought all this crime in" no folks, its always been here, the dept, is now doing something about it. I try to watch all council meetings ( if I can see or hear them) and recently I heard from Mr. Luonuansuu that the city is 250,000 in the red, also heard the finance director and the police chief warn them of the shortfall in the police dept. So, council what are you going to do? Be careful citizens, what you wish for, or excuse me that is who you vote for.

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Newton Falls council plans to hire Benetis as manager

carago, as I understand it they had their mind made up before they even put the ad out. so no one else had a chance. don't know what this hiring of a man that doesn't know anything about being City manager is all about, but I am sure they have a hidden agenda. he won't last long, he resigned from city council because he couldn't handle the pressure, of course that is not the excuse he uses...

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Newton Falls officials consider replacing their city manager

When are the citizens of NF going to wake up and see what is happening in their little town. An educator trying to run a city? One that resigned from city council because he couldn't handle the stress. Seems to me that the city will be running from behind the scenes, WAKE UP PEOPLE. HE IS STILL HERE PULLING ALL PUNCHES...

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Lawsuit filed against Newton Falls

More bad press in Newton Falls, and all that will happen is just that, bad press and then maybe their hands slapped.

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Council to set date for recall vote

What everyone forgets to say is that Mr. Beer ran as a write-in, so 89 votes is pretty good. The only write-in vote that has even been close in NF is, Ella Johnson almost beat Mr. Layshock with only losing by 14 votes. Also, if Mr. Luonuansuu is so confident of not losing the recall, why appeal, let the voters speak.

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Newton Falls mayor recalled

OK Newton Falls, Do you think this is going to help, he still has his 3 puppets in office and he will run them, so he will still be running the city behind the scenes, Good Luck to all of you, but I don't see any change here, so what if he doesn't run the meeting, he will still be running them.

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Voters to decide on Layshock recall

They were mentioned in the Trib. Good question, can they have it on election day? And NF folks don't worry no one even Mr. Layshock can not look to see how you vote.

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Falls lawsuit alleges sex abuse by pastor

Heh, everyone, its in the Trib, you got your wish.

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