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Parents of OD victim, man who gave her drug console each other after hearing

To Mr. Shabby minded: Try blaming the folks at the top who make the big bucks off of flooding this country with heroin. They can keep Cuban cigars out. They can keep competing prescription drugs out. Heck, they're even pretty good overall at keeping out the fake handbags and watches. But somehow these folks just can't keep the trainloads of heroin and coke out? Think they just have real selective incompetence? Or they think we are actually stupid enough to blame it all on soccer moms? Or blame these dumb kids that think they can try it and then leave it alone. This country has been as flooded with heroin in the last few years as China was during the opium wars. Same reason too. Guess those Chinese had some of those soccer moms making it worse? Guess I'm just talking way over your head

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Poland surgeon indicted in fatal boat crash

He wasn't alone in that boat, folks. We aren't getting the whole story here. He raced off and got that boat out of the water, leaving those guys he hit injured and dying in the water and was arrested at his house later And he wasn't out boating and drinking alone

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Candidate Dave Engler has $161,616 in federal liens for unpaid taxes

Folks, it's sure getting harder to pay my taxes these days. Too bad this is an anonymous opinion board, because any tax dodger's lawyer would love to get you folks on a jury. I got behind on my taxes when I was younger and you'd think I'd committed murder the way the IRS talked to me and reading those letters was enough to keep me awake at night. I was worried sick the in-laws would find out, let alone the whole county. And here this Engler figures he'll get into office with you fools voting for him, and he'll make it up under the table, like that poor Belinky. Believe me, lots of folks think a judge with money problems is a big opportunity. Engler is just getting free advertising with this in the newspapers, it sure isn't hurting his chances with numbskull voters like yourselves. I used to believe in the popular vote for judges.

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Dunn to become president of Southern Illinois University

That "per se" part of this scamp's explanation is the best part. Isn't that the 2nd YSU contract or the 3rd that didn't have a minimum service period without a payback on those recruitment and moving expenses? These Board numbskulls need to take a YSU business class. Strange how the Board is so understanding - I have to figure they're just hoping he'll return the favor and not talk about their incompetence - which sure didn't take him long to figure out and pounce on. Our problem is that we're still stuck with the yahoo's that pass out all this hiring money like it was candy, without nailing down a commitment period. Surely, just to show some kind of pride, just to keep our heads up for the next round, can't this board do without this scamp for a few months? At least try to muster some kind of managerial life sign, for pity sakes folks!! Also, isn't that new Enrollment VP Swegan commuting from his old digs? Didn't even move here. That Board sure doesn't expect much commitment for their paychecks.

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Dunn to become president of Southern Illinois University

Someone needs to get through to that Garg and the rest of that Board bunch and acquaint them with how these headhunted positions work in the real world. You hire someone with a headhunter fee and you pay their moving expenses and what all, then you put it in their contract if they leave before a year or two, those charges get put back on their side of the tab. Usually, you hold out some calculations until that initial period is over. Course with the taxpayers paying, I guess they don't feel a need to watch the money. You folks are getting mad at the guy who flew the coop and you're forgetting who is to blame for all these head hunter and moving fees and general mismanagement.

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John Dellick accused in another incident

Well, one thing is for sure, this kid sure has been lucky with the number of folks declining to press charges on him. I guess it must be a lot of trouble to go through with going down to the the police and the paperwork and all. Not to mention getting this yahoo even more worked up at you. Might be on this ADHD medicine all these years, what we used to call "speed" when we worked double shifts and the speed freaks would start getting jumpy after just a few days on that stuff, fraction of the dose these kids have worked up to after getting it for years. Took away these boys school recess and chores, called them attention deficit and put them on speed.

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Woman says John Dellick threatened her at YSU

I am a lifelong Republican also, but if we judge folks careers by how their offspring turned out, a lot of folks would be out of work. Anyway, I wonder if we'll be hearing more of this rage problem from these Attention Deficit kids that have been hopped up on speed for 5-10 years and counting, because make no mistake about it, that ADHD prescription being shoveled into those kids is speed - same stuff as some guys I worked double shifts in the 70's were on, and those guys we called "speed freaks" and let me tell you, at the end of a double shift, they were jumpy and touchy. Here's the worst part, they weren't on anywhere near the doses these kids have been working up to after all these years. No one back then could have dreamed up that we'd be giving kids speed for years and years. Those double shift guys would be taking one tenth the dose a lot of these kids have worked up to, and wouldn't be able to do it more than five days. Therapeutic doses my ass. It's a shame and those chickens are coming home to roost right about now with these poor kids. Took away recess and put the kids on this crap to get them to make good grades. Could have run them around the building a few times - what the principal used to do with kids like me, for instance. Just saying - if this kids been on speed for five years, get out of his way

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YSU to lay off SMARTS personnel

I guess they're trying to figure out how to pay that new attendance expert they just hired. I heard he wasn't planning to move house to Youngstown and will commute weekends back home to Bowling Green. Doesn't seem like a real confident start.

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2 top coaches from Valley quit over drug use

Too bad no one ever got thru to these boys about their behavior, always too busy celebrating the games and making them out to be celebrities and the Pelini brothers and their sidekick wannabes got to thinking the whole world must be like their boosters. Osborne's almost too fed up with the younger one too.

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Americans may accept Obamacare just as they did with Medicare

I don't know why we think this whole mess has anything to do with what party is in charge. This Obamacare is bigger than Ebay, bigger than Amazon and we think it's a matter of some political hack building this apparatus - like they could run Ebay? This Sebelius lady can't run Ebay, and couldn't if she was Republican either. Only reason I'm a Republican any more is that at least we can grasp the idea that people in government aren't as good at running enterprises as folks running their own businesses. Democrats somehow figured some appointee could do the equivalent of starting up an Ebay enterprise.

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