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Sister Jerome's Kids will get help with college expenses

I have been at both the schools on Essex St. in Youngstown. At the time of Sister Jerome and Sister Mary the schools were staffed by both black and white teachers and administrators. The student body is predominantly black.
BrazenBull may not understand that 'Sister Jerome's Kids' is about OPPORTUNITY.....SELF SUFFICIENCY....FUTURE, NOT THE PAST....AND SELF RESPECT. Youngstown has black folks working in Medical professions, Education professions, Retail professions, Medical research and science professions- We have black folks in political realms, the Youngstown Board of Education, Police and Sheriff Departments, Restaurant professions, etc. ' Sister Jerome's Kids ' is a program that will ensure more children succeeding at a quality of life they deserve. The 'A' list is an excellent formula for SUCCESS - yet, adult guidance could never be thought of negatively, and that is what this program certainly gives to the students.

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