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Ex-state Rep. Robert F. Hagan now a lobbyist in D.C.

georgejeanie - just out of curiosity, I checked your 1031 comments. You have nothing but negative comments, some of them very bitter. Sorry you have so much time on your hands to make 1031 comments. May I suggest you move? Perhaps you can find a job elsewhere and spew your negativity there. Some people see things as they are and act to change them, others just bitch.

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City heroin dealer gets year in prison

Yeah, a year in prison is really going to help. Free one year to you! No utilities, no food bills, no medical payments. Wow, and we foot the bill. Ok, you are losing a year's wages, but when you get out, you can make that up in sales.

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Friends cafe takes root at Fellows Riverside Gardens

Patricia and Mitch are really very special people and an asset to our community. I'm so glad they got the contract. I love to see good people succeed. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

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Hotel California in home stretch to open

georgejeanie - I had a good laugh, not sure if it was intentional or not but it is "den of iniquity" and "Mahoning Valley." Why on earth would anyone want to live somewhere they referred to as a den of iniquity. Move please. Make yourself and us happy.

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A tribute to Traficant

What a nice afternoon and wonderful tribute to our hometown hero. It was so great to see Tish and Elizabeth. Jim was well loved and will be remembered for all the good he did and the mistakes he made will fade into the past. Through this example, I wish for all of us that our accomplishments far out weigh our mistakes. Perfect people, this may not apply to you.

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Sharing holiday spirit

Snarklar - YOU happen to be the kind of person who is not only bad for our area but also our country. The bigotry and hatred you exude, has no place in any religion although it exists in all religions. Al Adi is a good man and what he did was a wonderful thing. YOU should be as ashamed of yourself as I am of you.

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From 1 Youngstown church to another

Attis - Let's focus on the positive, as is this article, and let's not dwell on the negative. That would be such a good start.

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3 firms line up to help Youngstown visitors find points of interest

Dear Georgejeanie - just ask and anyone can direct you out of town. Do us a favor and follow those directions. Would do all of us, including you, a world of good.

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Suspect shoots at Hubbard officer

Where did the idiot get the idea it was a black teen? Read the article twice and didn't see that. I agree with sameoldhub...dmacker is an idiot. Wrong is wrong.

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