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Valley woman crusades against texting

What it boils down to is it's pretty sad there has to be an effort made to convince people to pay attention while driving.

That people have to be convinced of this screws with my mind.

Wendi, keep up the good work, don't let the *lumpy* couch potatoes dissuade you. I guess it's not only those texting while driving that don't 'get it'.

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Traficant likely to get name on ballot

I would vote for Jim if only to screw with Washington.

But Jims a TeaBagger, or close enough.

Sorry, Jim. Can't vote for you.

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Calling all Chevy Vega owners - tell us your story

Yeah, I would have to say what I remember the most about the Vega was the lack of mosquitoes.

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Driver shot by cop in struggle


To your question: "Who in their right mind would tangle with a policeman ? "

That IS a question.

I have a somewhat cynical view of LEO and the Judicial System, at times I think their about useless, sort of. But I don't screw with the Cops if only because there is ONE of me and about ONE MILLION of them. One does not have to be a genius to realize the numbers are not on the side of Civilians.

Whats more, at one time the people in these forums would have considered me a punk, mayhaps even a thug (knowing how the people in these forums tend to be Right Wing and mentally lazy), but I was NEVER dumb enough to "attack" a LEO unless my weapon was an attorney.

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Like daughter, like mother: 2 earn KSU degrees today

Terry! Cool!!

I too am 52.

I too was a non traditional student at Kent when I graduated in '06.

And I too am continuing to take classes just for fun.

Traditional students, instructors, they all look at us funny. But it keeps the mind alive so schools worth it.

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Warren victims’ advocate: Lethal injection is just

Far as anyone thinking that a death penalty prevents crime, think again.

It's the perception of getting caught that prevents crime.

Far as the BIBLE? Thank God for the First Amendment and religion being kept out of Law.

Fact, if I were on a Jury and a fellow juror started the Bible talk I would have to go to the Judge and express my concerns over fairness.

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Warren victims’ advocate: Lethal injection is just

To Joe:
".What happens when someone is convicted "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" and After they are put to death, they are later proved innocent ...?"

This is one of the reasons I'm not for the death penalty. If someone is locked up forever they can at least be left go, but when someone is put to death, thats pretty damned permanent.

Anyone trying to say that innocent people haven't been executed is fooling themselves.

"So, tell me does that make the Judge, Jury and Executioner all Guilty of Murder and subject to the death penalty?"

Yeah, someone saying "Oops, My Bad" doesn't seem to cut it.

Just because the blame for execution of the innocent is spread among all in society does not make us innocent of murdering the innocent, it just makes us a little guilty.

That being stated, I find it really hard to get too worked up over someone who confesses to murder, or proven beyond all doubt of a heinous crime, being executed.

And if I were on a jury for a capitol case I would have to go by the rules and not go with my personal beliefs.

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Warren victims’ advocate: Lethal injection is just

To Wapiti and Animal .....

There is no proof either of YOU haven't committed murder so why don't we stick a needle in both your arms?

I mean, neither of you can prove you haven't committed murders, rapes, armed robberies, so you must be guilty, RIGHT?


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Charge amended after 2 cops are fired

In reading these posts I'm guessing many of you would also think Christy, the stalker cop from Milton and Lowellville, was handled too harshly. ?

I wish I could say it surprised me when I see people who think LEOs always right.

I think things are the way thngs are is because people DO think that LEOs always right and justified in their actions. It's that kind of thinking that allows so many bad cops to get away with their bad actions.

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Dad's pot case bound over to court

I would like to know what the point of trying to make the kids smoke pot was. The purpose, what he was trying to achieve.

Lets assume he was trying to force his kids to get high. I would like to know why.

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