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Triple fatality spawns lawsuits

Actually, yes you can have both a DUI conviction and CDL.

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Boardman chief to retire then be rehired

I see the mush mouths have the mush brains doing the Pavlovian response to the catch phrase "double dipping".

The Chief is going to draw his retirement, and work another job. How is that double dipping?

That is, unless you think working while drawing a retirement is double dipping. You may want to watch that, lots of retirees wouldn't be able to eat without that second job, so right there you can't complain about working and drawing retirement.

Or, you could retire and go to work and we could say you're double dipping.

Which means that if you stop the chief from getting his retirement WE can stop YOU from getting your retirement.

Because thats how it goes, You can't bit ... complain about someone doing something then expect to get away with the same actions yourself. I guess you could expect to be guilty of that by which you complain, that is the MO of todays Conservative ....

So the Chief retires, his retirement will cost Boardman no more or less than if the chief draws retirement and sits at home with his thumb up his behind. Actually, could cost less because Boardman won't be contributing their part for someone making 6 figures (just like a private employer would be making, so watch where you complain).

Then Boardman gets an experienced Chief at a reduced rate. Hows that bad? Or would you like Boardman to hire a new chief at 6 figures? Or for more than just the 60k?

The only way this isn't a win situation is if the Boardman Chief is a Jackass. Then we would be missing an opportunity to dispose of him.

So you really want to watch the wanking over someone working and drawing retirement,

Unless your saying that someone who paid into a retirement fund shouldn't be able to draw retirement.

And that could come back to bite you.

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Water contamination worries surface over shale drilling

Interesting seeing Stan quote the Liberal News Media, since we all know everything from the Liberal Media is Poop. LMAO!

About the Bruntler quote from Stanny (because some people can' write for themselves):

1) bruntler looks like the type that gave us Love Canal, The Flaming Cuyahoga (and so on) ... and exploding faucets out west.

2) Lets say every automobile on the planet stopped running today. right now. I'm pretty sure life on the planet would not be in immanent danger. I would venture to say in a month we would all be alive.

Now if all the loose water on the planet became irreversibly contaminated life on the planet would cease in, what? A couple days? Only thing more important to life is what? Oxygen?

Point being Bruntler's argument is specious, contrary to popular belief life does not depend on cars, but life DOES depend on potable water.

3) Wanting to protect the water supply is the same as living in unheated caves. Anyone stupid enough to fall for that one?

Enough of Bruntler.

What I think is interesting is how there is a meeting in an affluent community.

Plenty of people have carried on about Liberal Tree Huggers and how there are people against progress and profit. Thats the short version.

And I believe these people have carried on this way because they live in an effluent community, I mean Affluent community. They didn't need to worry about a refinery or chemical plant popping up in their back yard because , after all they live in an affluent community. For these things there are 'lesser communities' populated by those without entitlement.

But now its going to happen to them, possibly their going to have sluice ponds for back yards, they can't let their kids run free because of the potential chemical contamination, or heavy metal exposure, and their drinking water may become polluted.

Its interesting how peoples perspectives and beliefs when an action could have negative consequences impacting them and not an abstract someone else someplace else.

They didn't support us when it was us getting the crappy end of the stick, now its your turn. Good luck.

About the chemicals being pumped into the ground? They have to get rid of industrial waste somehow.

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Pa. woman charged with shooting her husband in the arm

A woman who was charged with shooting her husband tried to give police a toy gun ...

... Police also said they smelled alcohol on her...


Wow, how drunk would someone have to be to try handing over a toy gun.

.. At least drunk enough to shoot the Old Man.


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Trumbull commissioners delay action against workers

Don't kid yourselves, those of us in the private sector see this crap every day. Bosses little buddy in the bosses office and the sound of thump .. thump .. thump from little buddies head under the bosses desk ... then little buddy is gone the rest of hte day without clocking out ...

People who have remained gainfully employed through this downturn don't realize how bad things are, they don't seem to grasp that everyones job is on the bubble.

Then you get people crying about unions ... I'm on several forums where I see management types crying about the wastes of unions and wasting of asset .. then I start taking note of the time stamps on their submissions, they'll post 5 or 6 times in the period of 4 or 5 hours ... point this out to the management types and how their at work not doing their jobs and Brother, they scream bloody murder. They say its not the same. Oh yes it is.

Referencing Little Buddy from above, in the private sector if a gps were put on LBs vehicle and they faced termination we wouldn't hear about it because its not our business. But government employees ARE our business so we hear about it.

Been my experience that people who cry about something the loudest are those who are guilty of the very same thing, so those of you saying how this kind of stuff wouldn't be tolerated in the private sector probably have knots on the back of your head(s).

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Cheerleading uniforms become pillows

Ive used several Cheerleaders uniforms as pillows ...

I should get a pillow (or two) and see if it/they bring back memories. ;)

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The cult of Clinton

The main reason Bill looks so good is because of the miserable failure we had for a president after him.
Yeah, Bill lied about a BJ, Miserable Failure (MF'er for short) lied us into a war.
But its easier for Mommies and Daddies to explain why we're in an unjustified war which thousands of our people have died and which our grandchildren will pay for, than it is to address 'sex things'.
Mommies and Daddies are more comfortable talking about killing than discussing Sex ... and that makes Billy such a bad person and the MF'er acceptable ... Sad really.

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Industry, feds stop business

Probably wouldn't be a problem if Big Tobacco wasn't bitching about it.

So remember that come November, that major corporations are now sinking allot of money anonymously into campaigns in order for them to take over our country.

And guess who's getting that money?

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Tea-party activists promote cause

God Bless the TeaBaggers,

May they siphon off Republican votes and keep the Righties from regaining a majority.

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3 sentenced in robbery that's terrorized child


To screw up a free ride to college and thus your life for the thrill of robbing someone of $50.

A thugs a thug and getting locked up is a common thing,

But to s--t can an education is exceptionally stupid.

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